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75D Option Available in Tesla Model S

75D Option Available in Tesla Model S.

Tesla series is one of the top electric vehicles due to their classic features that render them so luxurious to own. The Tesla Model S has also had an amazing performance in the automotive industry. It has been officially confirmed that the Tesla Model S will be equipped with the 75D i.e. a 75 kWh all-wheel drive. This will render ...

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TOYOTA Launches the PHEV Versions Of Toyota Corolla and Levin.

Toyota Launches the PHEV Versions Of Toyota Corolla and Levin.

Toyota is one of the largely dominated car manufacturing companies in the world with an outstanding performance from their sales. It has also made a significant contribution to the Electric Vehicle Technology by the launching of the Toyota Prius one of the top Electric Vehicles in the world. During the latest auto show in china, it also announced the launching ...

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Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE Launched.

Volkswagen T-Prime Concept GTE Launched

The Volkswagen Company has joined the top car manufacturing companies in investing on the Electric Vehicles. Their contribution to the EV technology is seen in their latest EV release i.e. the Volkswagen T-Prime hybrid car. Therefore if you are a great fun of the Volkswagen brand and cars then here is one of the superb cars from their company. The ...

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The Autopilot Feature In Tesla S Renders It The Safest EV.

The Autopilot Feature In Tesla S Renders It The Safest EV.

The Tesla Model S EV is one of the top luxurious vehicle that one can ever own. This is attributed to the amazing features and specs that is equipped in this vehicle. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk the autopilot feature in Tesla model S has significantly reduced the probability of one getting an accident whenever it’s activated. This has ...

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LeSEE Electric Sedan Posed To Challenge Tesla Model S.

LeSEE Electric Sedan

When Tesla Model S Electric car was released into the market it really rocked the EV market as one of the top electric vehicle one can own. The LeEco Company, which is the Chinese media company, has gone further to unveil a unique vehicle that might poise as a great challenge to the Tesla Model S in the EV industry. ...

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Electrifying Tyres For Electric Vehicles


The number of electric cars is estimated to rise to around 2.8 million registered vehicles by 2020. That being said, the demand for electric vehicles is growing day by day, and it’s not a big surprise that more and more tyre manufacturers are joining the race to develop new-age electric car tyres. The new ‘green revolution’ of our times is ...

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Toyota Unveils A New EV Model: Toyota UBox.

Toyota Ubox

Toyota is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and recently it was linked as the as the 13th largest company in revenue. In collaboration with Clemson University, they have ventured into the manufacture of an electric car in a project they have termed as Deep Orange. It is through this project that they have a manufactured a ...

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Mahindra’s Electric e20 Ready For the Market.

Electric e20

Mahindra might not be among the leading companies in the production of vehicles but due to the escalating levels of competition, they have really played a significant role in the electric vehicles. The electric vehicle technology has really revolutionized the automobile industry. This is seen when small companies investing in the electric vehicle technology by coming up with a unique ...

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Tesla Motors, Inc. is an automotive company that designs, manufactures and sells electric cars. Any automotive company is always committed to developing and refining the technologies in its designs for each model’s standard performance features and safety refined lifestyle for their esteemed customers. Tesla Model S electric car was produced in June 2012 and got its first styling update in ...

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