Electric vehicles

Ford to Roll Out 13 Electric Cars by 2020


Ford has been in the automobile industry for a very long time and is considered to one of the most promising automobile manufacturers. Today, it has announced the company will be tripling the number of its autonomous vehicles by 2020. It is clear Ford is keeping up pace with the younger and innovative start ups that is making finest electric ...

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Mercedes Latest Threat to Tesla with Four Electric Cars


Mercedes is the latest company to challenge Tesla with new four electric cars. German automakers are taking electric vehicles very seriously after the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal. It’s clear almost every German manufacture has begun working on their electric cars which will be a real threat to the top listed Tesla. Mercedes subsidiary company, Daimler AG is planning to develop ...

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Tesla to Hire 1600 Employees to Build Autonomous Model S and X Cars

Tesla Model X

Few months ago, Tesla issued a beta software update to make its Model S and X cars complete autonomous.  The company is looking ahead to hire a whopping 1600 employees to fill the current positions to build the complete autonomous Model S and Model X cars. The company will focus on creating software and working toward making its self driving ...

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Google and Ford Partner to Launch Self-Driving Cars by 2020

Google and Ford

Internet giant Google and Ford are in talks to produce self driving cars by 2020. Google wants to produce vehicles that have sensors built to it. The discussions between the two companies are mainly focused in developing designs for advanced car technologies and increase pace in companies efforts to make self driving cars. The partnership between Google and Ford will ...

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Sandoval Signs $1 Billion Deal for Electric Car Plant in Las Vegas

$1 Billion Deal for Electric Car

The Nevada Governor, Brian Sandoval sealed the deal with Faraday Future to bring $1 billion deal for electric car plant in Las Vegas. The Governor signed the four bills into law after the Nevada Assembly approved them dealing with tax credits, tax abatements, infrastructure and water at the proposed site. $1 Billion Deal for Electric Car Plant Faraday Future, with ...

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Elon Musk and Silicon Valley Executives Suggest Ignore Volkswagen Diesels To Make Company Sell EV’s


Elon Musk and other Silicon Valley executive’s writes to the Chair of the Influential California Air Resources Board, Mary Nichols urging Volkswagen to make electric cars instead of repairing all the diesel scam effected vehicles. It is nearly impossible for the company to fix all the 482,000 vehicles sold which the company admitted of using “defeat device” to cheat the ...

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National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) Announces the Launch of Five Electric Cars By 2018

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS)

Saab owner after acquiring the assets of bankrupt automaker Saab in 2012 and facing various financial problems, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) is back in the game with its latest announcement of launching five next-generation electric cars over the course of three years in the Chinese market. The Announcement  National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) President Mattias Bergman spoke at the StoraBildagen ...

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Quantum Computers and Electric Cars: The New Technological Landscape

the new technological landscape

Google, NASA testing the first quantum computer and China being partial to electric cars the new technological landscapes might not sound like groundbreaking news but shows the development. Arthur C. Clark the author of the book 2001: A Space Odyssey, wrote what is now considered to be one of the most profoundly accurate predictions of our world today. Self-driving cars, ...

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Ford’s Vision of the Electrified Version of Vehicles by 2020

electrified version

Ford has planned to invest $4.5 billion on the electrified version of the vehicles. Also announced that it will line up 13 new electric cars by 2020 for it will start a research program on electric batteries. On 10th December at a press conference in Dearborn, Mark Fields CEO of Ford announced that they will produce a more electrified version ...

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Chinese Billionaire Planning $1B Electric Car Factory in Las Vegas for Faraday Future

Faraday Future

Chinese Billionaire Jia Yueting, Founder of the most popular Leshi Internet Information & Technology Beijing is planning to invest a whopping $1B for an electric car factory in Las Vegas for Faraday Future. He is indeed backing the mysterious car company, Faraday Future which came out of nowhere at a blink of an eye. The company will create 4,500 jobs ...

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