Luxurious Tesla Model X Revealed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Tesla Model X

The fastest, safest and capable sport utility electric car ever made. A seven seater car with adequate space for gears as well.  It is equipped with a 90 kWh battery that gives you up to 250 miles range limit. It is also a 4 – wheel drive car. The car is very powerful and can reach 0-60 within 3.8 seconds. ...

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The CEO of Ashley Madison quits after the hack

Backlit keyboard

Avid Life Media company’s child company Ashley Madison’s chief executive quit the job after the hackers had leaked about a million data of its client in a cyber assault. Image Source – da.wikipedia.org According to a statement on Friday by Avid Life, the departure of the CEO, Noel Biderman was by the mutual agreement and the responsibilities would be taken ...

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Google company stats in real time

Google data in real time

Few days ago I have stumbled upon an interesting info-graphics. It was about Google. Did you ever wonder how big is Google? How fast is it growing and how much money they spend? Now you can see that in real time. Simply click on the image and it will take you there.

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PayPal ready to get hold on the new markets in Australia and Europe


On Tuesday, PayPal Holding Inc said to introduce its One Touch payment product in 13 news markets in Australia and Europe with a simple checkout option for online merchants and shoppers. PayPal was a part of eBay till last month. It has been included in one of the fastest growing payments industry, and has attracted new members like Apple Inc. ...

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Ashley Madison gang unveiled for hacking


It has been really difficult to catch the Ashley Madison hacker by the security experts. Ashley Madison’s gang has dumped about 10 gigabytes of theft data on the Web. This detail has been obtained from the site, which is dedicated to matching up people for extramarital affairs. Image Source – www.flickr.com Troy Gill, senior security analyst with AppRiver said, “In ...

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HP revenue drops due to weak PC sales


The revenue of Hewlett-Packard Co dropped due to weak PC sales and lower demand of its service from corporates.  Shares of the world’s No 2 PC Maker Company have dropped to 4 percent, which has always earned profit full year before this descend. Image Source – en.wikipedia.org According to Chief Minister Meg Whitman, the factors responsible for the PC market ...

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Smartphone sales have descended for the first time in China


On Thursday, member of market research firm Gartner Inc said that the sale of Smartphone’s in the world’s biggest market for devices, China has fallen for the first time in the second quarter. The sale of the smartphones has descended 4 percent in the second quarter. Image Source – www.flickr.com According to Anshul Gupta, research director at Gartner, “China has ...

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Four consecutive lightning strikes at Google centre


All the data from one of the data centres of Google in Belgium has wiped from the discs due to lightning. As a result of this, few people have lost their files. A number of discs have been damaged by lightning, but they were accessible after some time. Typically, data centres require more protection from lightning as compared to the ...

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Tool to block browser tracking across sites in pre-beta version introduced by Mozilla


Mozilla focuses on making private browsing private by all means. They have made enhancements in the browser to restrict the use of browser elements by the third party, which is under testing. Though every browser has “Do not Track” option, but most of the companies do not honour it. Image Source – damianlacroix.deviantart.com Experimental tool by Mozilla has been designed in ...

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How to open a drive when CD or DVD is stuck


When a CD or DVD would not open a gets stuck, that is the time when you wonder why you mess with the optical device. Whenever the drive does not open, you have to try to save the disc, save your reputation and save the drive as a sane person who does not get out of control and starts screaming ...

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