Tips for Investing in Foreign Currencies


There’s a misconception that trading in foreign currencies is a complicated business venture in which only large multinational companies could participate. But, with new technological developments, online brokerages, makes this option available to any investor. Many choose to do so in order to diversify their portfolios and alleviate the pressures that come with the changes in the domestic market. There’s ...

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What Can We Expect from Facebook Advertising in 2017


The Facebook Ad platform is the most efficient digital advertising channel. It offers incredibly accurate targeting options driven by the users’ interests, behavioral patterns, and personal information they leave on their profiles. Since its introduction, Facebook advertising has been on the constant rise. Since Facebook itself is a very dynamic social network that often introduces new features, its advertising platform ...

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USB Post-it notes, are they Really Possible?

USB Post-it notes

If you find yourself forgetful at times, the chances are you use sticky notes to remind you on your daily tasks. But sticky notes can be much more than that, too. They’re often used as part of home décor, featuring motivational and empowering messages and quotes. So, what happens when your simple yet effective sticky note meets bleeding-edge technological advancement? ...

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Self Balancing Technology Explained


Self balancing technology is not new, but it has made its way to all parts of the industry in the last couple of years. From smartphones and game console controllers to self balancing pool tables and one-wheel scooters, this technology is changing and improving almost every aspect of our lives. But what is really self balancing technology doing? How does ...

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A New Breed of Entrepreneurs: Digital Nomads 101


Steve Roberts was the world’s first digital nomad. He started his 14,000 miles-long bicycle odyssey in 1983 and wrote hundreds of articles on his Model 100 portable computer while being on the road. A lot of things changed since the eighties. Emergence of Skype, PayPal, Upwork and Slack, enabled many people to create the perfect synergy between their career and a nomad ...

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5 Useful Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

Male hand pointing at business document while explaining it

Business intelligence (BI) is the process of analyzing and acting upon the data that you have in possession. A good piece of BI software should provide you with the most useful and relevant insights that you can use in your business ventures. When choosing the right BI software, you should take into account the number of employees, your companies departments ...

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How an App can Help Promote Your SMB


Nowadays, having an app is essential when it comes to promoting your business online. This is especially significant due to the fact that Americans spend more time on their mobile phones than watching television. Creating an app can be difficult, especially if you do not have any technical expertise. Luckily, even if you lack programming knowledge, you will be able ...

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CHAdeMO Association Reveals the 150 kW Power Rate Charging System.

CHAdeMO Association Reveals the 150 kW Power Rate Charging System.

The super-fast charging technology is currently what most of the automotive technological company are still working. Having a super-fast charging system technology will tremendously improve the market performance of the company. Tesla is one of the leading automotive companies to invest in the super-fast charging technology. According to the latest reports from a viable source, the CHAdeMO association are also ...

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Tesla Motors Provides Free Spotify Account for Tesla Model X and Model S Owners

Tesla Motors

Yesterday, Tesla Motors and Spotify declared that owners of the Model S and Model X electric cars would receive a free Spotify Premium account. Tesla owners would have access to listen to ad-free melody, download tracks locally as well as control Spotify’s Premium service with their voice – or straight from their vehicle’s 17 inch touch screen. Tesla Motors says ...

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A Small Review on the Costly iPad Pro Tablet

iPad Pro

The 13 inch iPad Pro is a super tablet that is aimed at professionals who would need to access mails and programs on the go. With the new design and optional keyboard with it can at any times called a replacement for laptops. This tablet cost around $800 and if you need cellular coverage, it will cost you around $1080. ...

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