Virtual Reality These Days


Virtual reality, meaning a world created by a machine is basically one of the most alluring things happening in the tech world nowadays. It is basically a computer simulated environment which replicates the physical environment and can also generate seemingly real sensory cues to function similarly as they do in the real world. Virtual reality is currently one of the ...

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Windows 10 knows what’s on your mind


You might have heard of the Cortana and Hello features of Windows 10. It works in the same manner as many other apps do, to know you better. It asks for the location, your preferences to manifest what’s in your mind. After some technical previews to improve the app, Window’s 10 have introduced a totally new experience for those who ...

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Word of mouth might have a strange effect on Tesla enthusiasts


Who does not want to flaunt about the car they drive? But what happens when instead of getting jealous people to start blaming you. This might happen with the Tesla owners. They cannot even praise the features in a crowd because if they do so, people will start making fun of them. Tesla has started a referral program to bring ...

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