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A Comprehensive Coverage of VR 360 degree Cameras

Image Source - www.youtube.com

Here’s an interesting article for all shutterbugs and film-makers bitten by the photography bug. The new VR or Virtual Reality Technology, is all set to change the landscape of photography/videography. Enter VR 360 degree cameras! VR 360-degree cameras are a hit nowadays. Yes, you might have already heard about VR headsets, but the VR cameras are the ones that are ...

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How to Sleep Less without Losing Your Health

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org

The mind is a very powerful tool. The body reacts to its beliefs. We have been told since childhood that we have to have eight hours of sleep straight, but, is it possible that our bodies can actually do with less sleep over a long period of time? You will say perhaps not. How can it be possible? One night ...

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First Orbital Rocket Landed by SpaceX


SpaceX, The aerospace company created history by sending the first ever orbital rocket into space and successfully landing it back on the ground. It is a milestone for the company that has been working for several years on achieving this rare milestone. This could be the beginning of a new era of spaceflight that are run on reusable rockets unlike. ...

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Everything You Need to Know about Bitcoin

Image Source: www.flickr.com

You must have heard about Bitcoin already – it is a form of digital currency which is being given the limelight recently. Before you understand what Bitcoin is, you have to understand what digital currency it – it is the money that is entirely collected and stored on a virtual platform. Saying Bitcoin is just a digital currency though, would ...

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Volcanoes and Their Effect on the Atmosphere

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Volcanoes are known as both dangerous and beautiful. You may visit them, but you never know when they are going to erupt. Sometimes we can predict, but most other times they behave erratically. These volcanoes have destroyed several civilizations around the world in the past. Yet they stand tall as pieces of wonder and we are pulled towards them. More ...

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How the Rapid Growth of eCommerce Sites Have Changed the Retail Sector

Source - pixabay.com

If you’ve seen the crossover of the new millennium, chances are, you have also seen the growth of ecommerce websites. Earlier there used to be brick and mortar stores, where we could get special discounts because the retailers had known us from a long time. Nowadays we have online shopping portals – eCommerce stores which give us stuff at competitive ...

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How the US Presidential Election System Works

Source - pixabay.com

The US Presidential election is undoubtedly the biggest political event that the whole world watches with bated breath. What we have to realize is that the person who comes to power and becomes the President of the United States has a BIG say in most if not all of the world’s affairs. This single fact makes every citizen of the ...

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Welcome to Cities of the Future

Source - commonlyknownas.deviantart.com

The world has been going through a downtrodden path of inefficient energy usage. In fact, if we look past into our own history, we would notice that even ancient cities like the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro in the Indus Valley civilization and ancient Rome had better drainage systems and energy usage than many countries at present have. All these point towards ...

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Bursting the Prepper Myths

Source - commons.wikimedia.org

Many people wonder what a “prepper” actually is. Prepper is nothing but a term coined for people who store up food and other supplies to protect themselves against a possible apocalyptic event. In fact, some are of the belief that being a prepper is not about a group of people but is actually a way of life – a way ...

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