Russian government ordered to block a Wikipedia page over cannabis link


On Monday, the Russian government ordered the internet providers to ban the Russian-language version Wikipedia page containing the information about the types of cannabis. Due to this, the Russian-language version of Wikipedia will totally become inaccessible because Wikipedia uses a protected protocol according to that provider cannot block single page on the same site. Image Source – According to ...

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Google’s Niantic Labs will go solo to work independently


Niantic lab, which was a part of Google will become an independent company. On Wednesday, the move was announced by the lab on Google+ post and Winnie King, a spokeswoman for Goggle confirmed it. The spokeswoman said that the split would be beneficial for the growth of Niantic,”which will help them align more closely with investors and partners in the ...

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Twitter saw a gush in government requests for account information


During the first half of this year twitter has seen an increase in the demand for account information by the government. The U.S. was number one in the list for asking for information followed by Japan. Jeremy Kessel, Twitter’s senior manager for global legal policy said, this increase is the largest ever seen before. According to the Transparency Report from ...

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Facebook added a new feature for user business conversation


Facebook has introduced a new feature to let the user connect with the businesses by messaging from the pages. For local awareness ads, the new “Send Message” button is added to allow people to have a private conversation with business pages, which gives a new way to people to connect with the business directly, Facebook said in a blog. Communication ...

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Google wishes Good Bye to Google+


Google is a multinational technology company based in America. It is one of the most successful companies worldwide. It provides internet related products and services which include cloud computing, search, online advertising and software. Some of its productivity software covers Gmail, Google drive, Google+ and Google Docs. It also provides online advertising service which is popular nowadays to advertise near ...

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