Somnium Space Joins Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance

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Somnium Space Joins Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance Support grows for High Fidelity’s blockchain-based identity and digital assets platform San Francisco—May 10, 2018—High Fidelity today announced that Somnium Space, an open cross-platform virtual-reality world, has joined the Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance (VRBA). Somnium Space will join VRBA founders High Fidelity and JanusVR in the effort to create a universal digital identity ...

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Avoid Common Social Media Mistakes and Boost Your Brand’s Reach


Making mistakes with your social media marketing won’t help you build your brand and can potentially ruin your online reputation. It’s also because most people regard these mistakes as inconsequential and innocent that they can be costly to your online marketing efforts. You’re probably thinking, “All right, I’ve been doing everything in my power to drive more audience, I need ...

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Digital Marketing Strategies that Bring Results in 2017


Hitting the mark in digital marketing involves aiming at a moving target. New algorithms rock the internet every now and then, fresh platforms are launched, and groundbreaking trends emerge out of the blue. Marketers often struggle to keep up the pace, but throwing in the towel is not an option, if you mean to stay relevant and competitive. It is ...

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What Can We Expect from Facebook Advertising in 2017


The Facebook Ad platform is the most efficient digital advertising channel. It offers incredibly accurate targeting options driven by the users’ interests, behavioral patterns, and personal information they leave on their profiles. Since its introduction, Facebook advertising has been on the constant rise. Since Facebook itself is a very dynamic social network that often introduces new features, its advertising platform ...

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Virtual Companions of a Digital Marketer


Every digital marketer has plenty of tools in his arsenal. There are literally thousands of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools out there; some are free while others are paid for. Most of those tools are similar and offer similar services. In order to be successful in this line of business, you have to know which ones to choose and which are ...

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Instagram added new feature to involve more young users.


To keep the messaging service Snapchat, Facebook Inc’s Instagram has added a new feature on Tuesday by which the users would be able to chat and share photos and videos in group and private conversation. The Instagram is prominent among 300 million users. It is focusing on the upgrade to involve more audience as the youngsters are already addicted to ...

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Uber’s moving into the world of driver-less cars


Uber’s latest move towards the world of self-driven cars have taken the ride-hailing service to Arizona. It has partnered with the University of Arizona’s College of Optical Science. According to the company, its main focus will be mapping technology and safety for driver less vehicles. To test the mapping technology, the fleet auto-mobiles with futuristic looking white contraptions fixed to ...

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How to save money?


The American standard of living may be higher than that of many other countries, however; this doesn’t mean Americans are immune to financial difficulty. In fact, many Americans would claim they struggle financially. Even though they may appear to live in a nice house and own some nice cars, many are on the verge of losing both house and car. ...

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WhatsApp: A bundle of exciting feature introduced for Android users


To bring the latest exciting features, WhatsApp has released an important update for Android. Earlier, the update was available for download on the company’s website, but now it has introduced the new version 2.12.250 to its app also. Now, you can also update it from Google Play Store. Image Source – A new feature which is added to it ...

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How many cars can a hydrogen gas station fuel?

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To fuel more than a billion vehicles wandering around on the surface of earth, a lot of gas stations are available everywhere, some of them have diesel pumps while others have petrol and CNG. As the rules are getting serious about the harmful gas emission from the vehicles, a wave of competition has spread out for the hydrocarbon fuels. Image ...

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