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Facebook will Allow Videos as Profile Pictures

Facebook Launches a Satellite

Here is the latest update from Facebook, videos as profile pictures.  The company had brought in numerous and latest improvements that are mobile-friendly.  These updated features include temporary profile pictures, profile videos, a customizable space at the upper part of the profile along with improvements in design. Profile Videos Facebook will sooner allow you to upload a seven second video ...

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Facebook added a new feature for user business conversation


Facebook has introduced a new feature to let the user connect with the businesses by messaging from the pages. For local awareness ads, the new “Send Message” button is added to allow people to have a private conversation with business pages, which gives a new way to people to connect with the business directly, Facebook said in a blog. Communication ...

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Top 5 YouTube channels which are a must to subscribe


YouTube has become prominent nowadays. It is not only a place to watch videos, but it has become a place where people share their day-to-day life stories and learn how things work. Image Source – Below are 5 top YouTube channels that giggle about gadgets and technology: UnboxTherapy It is a prevalent channel on YouTube with more than 300,000 ...

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Flash could hurt the business of Facebook


Due to security vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash, Google and Mozilla blocked this plug-in temporarily in their browsers. This problem has also grasped the attention of Facebook. According to Facebook, this problem can hurt them, as most of the social games rely on Flash. Indirectly, it could hurt Facebook’s business, as they rely on social games for revenues from its payment ...

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The world is full with many histories of its own. The ones which are not validated are regarded as myths, like for example, Marconi was the inventor of radio – is that a myth or history? Up until several decades ago, people believed it to be true; however, only later it was declared that it was not Marconi but Tesla ...

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Kickstarter! Ever heard of it? If you didn’t, then Kickstarter is a platform promoting many innovators and their ideas by providing them a unique platform to showcase their talent. Not just that, there is a whole crowd funding idea that’s been rolling which makes Kickstarter an ideal place to get started with your projects. If you have an idea, sell ...

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