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Facebook Update – Strict Real Name Policy

real name policy

Facebook has announced a latest update on its real name policy to empower people from communities who face discrimination or are marginalized. The Vice President of Global Operation of Facebook, Justin Osofsky stated that the company is trying to reduce the number of users who are asked to verify real name on facebook while they already have accounts with their ...

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Cyber security : State-Sponsored attacks

State-Sponsored attacks

Twitter Inc alerted some of its users with a warning of the state-sponsored attacks. The first warning from the micro blogging site indicates that the state-sponsored attacks have made a trial to obtain some sensitive data from the user accounts. The notice from the company said that there was no such indication of the hackers who targeted “small group of ...

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Beta Testing: A logged-out version by Twitter

logged-out version

Beta testing: Twitter is one of the most used social networking sites and has begun its beta testing with a logged-out version. The beta testing promoted tweets and videos are mainly for the Twitter’s logged-out version’s experience.  It aims for a larger audience with a new way of providing advertisers. This method will help to increase the scale of the ...

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Make Your Life with the New Facebook Live Video Streaming

A couple of months earlier Facebook live video streaming was presented on stage, yet the new component has been just accessible to famous people, for example, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Serena Williams, and Luke Bryan.

A couple of months earlier Facebook live video streaming was presented on stage, yet the new component has been just accessible to famous people, for example, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Serena Williams, and Luke Bryan. Beginning today, it will be revealing the support of all clients. Before long, the proletariat will have the capacity to live-stream from the stage simply ...

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New Facebook Fundraiser Tool and Donate Button

Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook has improved the donate button and also adds new Facebook fundraiser tools to the site. These featuers are for non profit organizations to reach new supporters and enage their community. This will also help them to get valuable funding from their respected supporters to keep continuing their good social work. The main advantage of the Facebook fundraiser tool is ...

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Time for Halloween: Instagram Video feed

Instagram video

Instagram Video Laucnhed to match trends Social media now isn’t just about flooding the world with your status updates. Networks are much smarter and thematic. Social networks are becoming somewhat more informative and more relevant by trying to showcase what’s happening in the world around people. To match that, Instagram soft launched its own Instagram video channel of curated content, ...

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The Other Facebook Inbox Dropped in Lieu of Message Requests

Facebook inbox

Other Facebook Inbox Response Facebook preparing to phase out its other Facebook inbox soon, the news has received mixed responses, Facebook inbox deletion is also a reason of concern about privacy leading the critical comments. Pros and Cons of other Facebook Inbox The Other Facebook inbox is where messages from people other than Facebook friends will be stored. The plus ...

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Mark Zuckerberg in China – Inspiring Speech

mark zuckerberg in china

Mark Zuckerberg in China Praises Chinese Wisdom Mark Zuckerberg in China knows how to court Chinese users: In a speech this weekend at Tsinghua University in Beijing, he stated compliments on the nation’s history and with idioms of traditional Chinese wisdom. Calling China a nation historically known for innovation, Mr. Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, addressed students in heavily ...

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Facebook Emoji Similar to Likes for Better Reactions

facebook emoji

A month ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made news after hinting they were working on Facebook emoji, trying to expand the like button. On October 8th Facebook started featuring a set of 6 emoji reactions in their site for all posts and newsfeeds. The emoji’s will appear alongside the regular like button, 6 various reactions are love, happiness, laughter, shock, ...

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