5 New Apple Watch apps showcased by Salesforce for Business


Apple’s journey to $18 Billion did not stop at the mobile phones, but went ahead with the creation of new Apple watch as well. Five new Apple Watch Apps for business users were showcased by Salesforce on Tuesday. The Salesforce Wear toolkit was used on the Salesforce1 Platform to provide the features which include scheduling, project management and collaboration. Image ...

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Microsoft strives to meet the expectations of gamers


According to Xbox Chief Phil Spencer,”Microsoft has introduced a Rare Replay Collection, which is the best game in Xbox history.” In the ecosystem of developers and more than 400,000 gamers, Microsoft is trying to be what it is expected to be, said Spencer. Xbox team is trying hard to deliver the vision of gaming. Image Source – Gamescom crowd was ...

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High-tech cars will be defended by Tesla courts hackers


California-based company was in Las Vegas for a meeting to figure out the flaws which lead to the hack of automobiles remotely. “Hackers are a crowd that is really important to us,” said by Tesla’s Khobi Brooklyn while the attendees step into a black Model S. Tesla cars are computerized and the software updates takes place over wireless Internet Connections. ...

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Are smart rifles worth trusting?


A security smart rifle that was designed to deliver the perfect result was hacked by security researchers Michael Auger and Runa Sandvik. They developed a technique through Wi-Fi, to hack the rifles, which were computerized and run a version of Linux. To be in the Wi-Fi range was the only requirement to change the permanent or temporary settings. Image Source ...

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Virtual Reality These Days


Virtual reality, meaning a world created by a machine is basically one of the most alluring things happening in the tech world nowadays. It is basically a computer simulated environment which replicates the physical environment and can also generate seemingly real sensory cues to function similarly as they do in the real world. Virtual reality is currently one of the ...

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Word of mouth might have a strange effect on Tesla enthusiasts


Who does not want to flaunt about the car they drive? But what happens when instead of getting jealous people to start blaming you. This might happen with the Tesla owners. They cannot even praise the features in a crowd because if they do so, people will start making fun of them. Tesla has started a referral program to bring ...

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It’s more like an extension to your body and is designed in a way that it connects with you more than a device has done ever before. The Apple watch, a first from Apple, comes in at a time when the digital age is blooming and when more people are willing to take a step

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QIP-Shot-Screen-348-570x342 has ranked top 5 smart-watches in late 2014.  We are slowly entering new market segment, but long way is still ahead. Look at all latest wearable devices which we think deserve to have a place on your wrist!

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So IFA in Berlin is in full power, and new videos started to pop up on YouTube covering first impressions about Samsung’s newest attempt to take over a smart watch market.   1. The Verge: Samsung Gear S smartwatch hands on   2. CNET: Samsung Gear S smartwatch has a huge curved screen and its

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