Samsung Gear VR Prices Cut Rate for Galaxy Smartphones

samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR cut prices by half and will be available from November. The next big thing is Virtual reality in gaming, movies, etc. The main problem people face with this is the pricing of virtual reality gears which are expensive. However Samsung has taken an initiative to reduce the price of its VR Gears. Samsung will be launching the ...

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Curved Display Microsoft Band 2 from October 6

Microsoft band 2

The curved display Microsoft band 2 will be the most stylish wearable ever. This is the second generation band, while the first generation was flat-faced. The new band will have additional features which weren’t in its predecessor.  With metallic finish on the sides of front display panel it will be the coolest wear. This one will have physical buttons as ...

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The First Look of Huawei Watch

Source -

It cannot be ignored that Huawai dazzled a huge number of journalists with the invention of its latest watch, or more precisely the company’s first android wear smartwatch. But due to a few software modifications, the customers had to wait a little more than they wanted to avail the perfect product. Now the wait is ultimately over and in this ...

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New PC models with simplest possible setup


Modularity is taking shape as the next phase of computing. Acer has announced a modular style of PC with customers getting to build up the device and system in a very simple manner. Consumers would need to build up the system by assembling the units that suit their requirement. This is a trend that makes it unnecessary to open up ...

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Smartwatch by Samsung will be soon available in the market


On Thursday, Samsung Electronics said that it is going to introduce its smartwatch soon in order to be a competition for all the smartwatch producers.  According to the reports it is said that the new model will be using Google Inc’s mobile platform Android to increase the companies share in the market. Samsung is expecting to give a tough competition ...

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IFA Show: Wearable accessories by Android are taking over Berlin


In the starting week of September, IFA show has brought a lot of information about electronics items in Berlin. It is an exhibition of new electronic items and provides a platform for the launch of major devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Note series. This time the new Note from Samsung would not be in the limelight. So, let us see what ...

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Apple TV may prove to be a competition to other TV providers


According to the rumors on Monday, Apple  is going to introduce the next version of set-top box in October. The price of the TV is estimated to be either US $149 or $ 199. Current version costs $ 99. As the price of the Apple TV will have a higher price, it will also have upgraded features. It is reported ...

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Sony SmartBand 2 launched with the Heart rate tracker


On Thursday, Sony launched SmartBand 2, which could sensor the heart rate. Japanese firm said that it is a “multi-sensor life logger that provides full-scale insights about your fitness, well-being and stress levels.” Image Source – The SmartBand 2 is identical to the previous band and offers sleep and health tracking. The device has the ability to detect sleep ...

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Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy Gear S2 smartwatch


At a press conference in New York yesterday, Samsung has made an important announcement which is useful. After the launch of Google Wear and Apple Watch, the much awaited Galaxy Gear S2 is going to be launched. Image Source – According to VentureBeat, “Samsung teased its new round smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S2, at its press event in New ...

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