5 Ways Old-School Marketing Helps Your Digital Presence


Old-school vs. digital marketing is a pointless debate that insists for one to choose between methods that can be so effective when used together. Sure, it’s more than obvious that your digital marketing can be used in order to boost the reach and popularity of your business in the real world. Nonetheless, not many people think about various ways in ...

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4 Ways to See Just How Good Your Website Is


Even though Google rank tends to be quite insightful, it definitely isn’t the only metric showing how good your website is. Well, if this is so, then how are you to evaluate the success of your website? In order to see how good it actually is, you need to set some measurable criteria (expressed in numbers or percent). They need ...

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Online shopping – last minute tricks


  We have all been here – it’s no mystery. Shopping for our loved ones last minute. Yes, yes, shame on us. But you know what? God bless the internet! The online shopping world and the magnificent e-commerce sites that are at our disposal these days are making this matter a matter of history. Today, all we need is a ...

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Digital Marketing Strategies that Bring Results in 2017


Hitting the mark in digital marketing involves aiming at a moving target. New algorithms rock the internet every now and then, fresh platforms are launched, and groundbreaking trends emerge out of the blue. Marketers often struggle to keep up the pace, but throwing in the towel is not an option, if you mean to stay relevant and competitive. It is ...

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Tips for Investing in Foreign Currencies


There’s a misconception that trading in foreign currencies is a complicated business venture in which only large multinational companies could participate. But, with new technological developments, online brokerages, makes this option available to any investor. Many choose to do so in order to diversify their portfolios and alleviate the pressures that come with the changes in the domestic market. There’s ...

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Staging a Business Event via Social Media


Every businessperson striving for recognition from their partners and customers should always work hard on brand promotion. If your business is popular, you’ll have a greater networking potential. This is extremely important, since having reliable contacts can skyrocket your business. In order to create and retain the buzz around their work, entrepreneurs should use some tricks from show business. For ...

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How to Shop Safely for Designer Goods Online


If you have never shopped online, you must’ve been living under a rock – there is every reason to do online shopping – there are a lot of bargains there, you can “window shop” with mouse clicks, there is a huge selection of goods and shipping is secure, fast and even the returns are easy. However, certain threats do exist ...

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Data protection at risk? Why is DLP failing?


Why is DLP Failing? Scottrade, Anthem, Sony Hacked, data breached.   Home Depot, data breached, Target …. will 2016 move in the same direction as 2015, 2014 and 2013? When studying these patterns, it’s important to understand that it’s the degree and severity of the incident (i.e.. Target), not the rate of occurrence that makes news. According to the Ponemon Institute[1], the average cost ...

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Even Diabetes is going digital, and you should care!

  A New Innovation That Keeps Tabs of Vital Signs and Your Last Insulin Shot! Many forget to take their insulin shot on time or to take their vital signs before injecting, or simply verifying they need to take the med in the first place. We are all used to carrying around a special bag that contains our syringes and ...

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Uber for laundry? Yes that’s new reality!


Laundromats Hopeful Because of Sudzy On-Demand Delivery App A “For Rent” sign is becoming all too common for local cleaners. In fact, 10% of local laundromats have closed in the past decade. Michelle Juo, who owns Michelle Cleaners in Manhattan, NY, said that lack of technology is one of the main struggles laundromats face. She noticed that an on-demand laundry ...

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