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Windows 10 knows what’s on your mind


You might have heard of the Cortana and Hello features of Windows 10. It works in the same manner as many other apps do, to know you better. It asks for the location, your preferences to manifest what’s in your mind. After some technical previews to improve the app, Window’s 10 have introduced a totally new experience for those who ...

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Google has taken its I/O to another level. Recently it has announced that the Android M, which is the future of Android after Lollipop, will be used to power the Android phones, but it seems like Google smartphones are going to be following suit as well. Now the latest inbox and outbox app has been released for Google. As already ...

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Nowadays we hardly need an expert in the technical field to get our videos edited and sorted. Anyone with basic editing and technological skills can edit their own videos and upload them within no time. Technology has been providing us the boon of making things easier for us. Now it has made making movies, home videos and YouTube videos a ...

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