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Facebook Launched 360 Degree Videos

360 degree videos

Facebook introduced 360-degree videos to its newsfeed platform on September 23 giving its users a new experience. It helps to look around in every direction. The first set of 360 degree videos published by the makers of Star Wars. It was the marketing material, and it was really amazing. It was the 40th anniversary for the Star Wars Video and ...

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Apple iOS 9 Update for all its Devices

Apple iOS 9 Update

Apple iOS 9 update comes with several benefits for its users. The main feature of the latest update is the ability to return to the previously used app by tapping a small line of text. This is a relief and makes it more user-friendly. Apple Inc. is on its way to dominate the future technology industry. From smartphones, tabs and ...

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Hacking Ghost Attacks Apple Tools – Apple Removes Malicious Tools

hacking ghost

Hundreds of Apple Apps and tools were infected by Hacking Ghost fake Xcode tools.  However Apple Inc. has removed several tools from its Apps store. The security breach was caused by Chinese developers who had tricked into and added malicious codes using software tools. The affected companies names weren’t revealed however popular chat app, WeChat was affected and a complete ...

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Mozilla fixed the Zero-Day Hole in Firefox


Mozilla launched a security update to solve the zero-day flaw. In a add on the Russian news site, Mozilla reported, “it is an exploit that searched for the files and upload them on the server in Ukraine.” The exploit affects the Linux and Windows users. A latest modified version can hit the Mac. Image Source – Firefox contain PDF ...

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Cortana can replace Google on Android phone


Private beta members have got to know the new features of Cortana for Android. After installing Cortana, you have the option to replace Google with it. Google page on Nexus or Google Now Launcher is not replaced by Cortana, if swiped from left to right. Cortana has been prevailing on Android devices because it has replaced at least one instance ...

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Instead of waiting, upgrade to Windows 10 for free now


Microsoft has finally launched much awaited Windows 10 operating system for users. A free upgrade for those using Windows 7/8/8.1 has begun in 190 countries. Microsoft has started a reservation system. Those who have reserved the upgrade are still waiting to use the latest operating system. Image Source – Those who do not want to wait and have Windows ...

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Create an avatar with the Smartphone’s selfie


Challenge of generating a 3D duplicate of someone without the help of a Hollywood studio is taken by EPFL researcher with the use of a simple Smartphone camera. Image Source – Alexandru Ichim from Computer Graphics and Geometry Laboratory at EPFL said,”We wanted the process to be fast and easy: all you have to do is, take a video ...

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Scammers are taking advantage of Windows 10 launch


If you are eager to get Windows 10, read further. As Windows 10 has been introduced, everyone is being desperate to use the latest version. But if you get an email regarding upgrade of Windows, please be cautious as you could be the next target of scammers. Image Source – Cisco System’s company blog has published a post to ...

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Flash could hurt the business of Facebook


Due to security vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash, Google and Mozilla blocked this plug-in temporarily in their browsers. This problem has also grasped the attention of Facebook. According to Facebook, this problem can hurt them, as most of the social games rely on Flash. Indirectly, it could hurt Facebook’s business, as they rely on social games for revenues from its payment ...

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