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Uber for laundry? Yes that’s new reality!


Laundromats Hopeful Because of Sudzy On-Demand Delivery App A “For Rent” sign is becoming all too common for local cleaners. In fact, 10% of local laundromats have closed in the past decade. Michelle Juo, who owns Michelle Cleaners in Manhattan, NY, said that lack of technology is one of the main struggles laundromats face. She noticed that an on-demand laundry ...

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Apple’s tvOS App Store: The most expected App Store

tvOS App Store

Prediction by AppFigures: The fourth generation Apple TV was released along with the tvOs and the tvOS App Store. Some figures on tvOS apps were published today by AppFigures. It provides the progress of the new App Store from the day it was launched. 2,624 Apps are available in the tvOS App Store. AppFigures expects 5,000 apps in January. With ...

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Facebook to Increase Safety Check tool Post Paris Attacks

safety check tool

  The social networking site has been criticized for not alerting its users about their safety in attacks in Beirut. The tool was activated and alerted people in the region after the first time attack in Paris which indeed helped a lot of people. However, criticisms followed by saying the company didn’t activate it in the recent twin attacks in ...

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Google Open-Sourcing TensorFlow for Developers Worldwide


TensorFlow is the next generation machine learning system used by Google for various products such as Google Inbox, Google Search and Photos app. An earlier version of the learning technology was dubbed as DistBelief was made available for developers online to build large networks. Though it’s making it an open source project, it is difficult to configure the system and ...

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Games are Trending in Apple TV App Store

Apple TV App Store

Games are trending in Apple TV App store like never before. It has been just over a week since Apple TV hit consumer’s living rooms but games are already dominating the paid charts. In simple words, Apple is inspiring and tempting gamers and game developers to its new platform. One of the main features is playing games on a bigger ...

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Leaked Snapshots Reveal Apple Music for Android app

apple music

It’s true we will see the new version of Apple Music for Android app. With the leaked screenshots making round on the internet it has clearly indicated about the tech giant will launch its Apple Music for Android. It was revealed earlier in the year, android uses will also be able to enjoy Apple music through an app available in ...

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Apple Removes 250 iOS Apps that Collects Users Private Data


Apple has removed over 250 iOS Apple from its app store after finding these apps have been accessing private data of users. The information was revealed by SourceDNA, security research team that found over 250 apps removed from the store that were able to collect users personal data such as email and device identification numbers. These violate Apple’s security guidelines ...

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Facebook Testing Ecommerce Direct Shopping

direct shopping

Here is an update from Facebook Inc., about its hands on e-commerce and direct shopping. It will be an initiative to compete with who is known to be the world leader of e-commerce. Facebook spokesman revealed they are working and testing on various direct shopping methods using apps to shop directly. According to eMarketer, mobile purchases make up less ...

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Apple News App Blocked in China by Apple Inc.

Apple news app

In a new strange move from Apple, the company is blocking its own Apple news app being used in China. Even iPhone users from the United States visiting China are also experiencing the same problem. Apple news app is the main source of news update iPhone users depend to update themselves on news and latest happening in the US. The ...

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iOS Ad Blockers Unveil Faster Browsing By Saving Money

ios Ad Blocker

iOS Ad Blockers let users surf internet by eliminating annoying ads. Saves time by limiting popping ads and same can be seen in the latest iOS 9 version too. According to the NYT study, the task of iOS Ad Blockers is to save users’ time without distracting from the targeted web page. On the event of launching all new iOS ...

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