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5 Ways to Stay Safe in the Age of IoT


While the very concept of IoT may sound incredibly interesting, it’s also important for you to realize why so many people may be alarmed by this idea. Why? Well, because if you can control your home via a device, so can someone else; however, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Just think about all the information that is ...

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Office Management 101: 4 Useful Tips for Beginners


Managing an office full of various people is quite a daunting task, even for experienced managers, let alone beginners. You have to maintain working order and have at least some level of authority, while also avoiding micromanaging everything in the process. The role of an office manager is very important. You have to ensure everything is working like a well-oiled ...

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5 Apps all Car Owners Should Have


Technology has definitely made some enormous changes to how we use our cars by both changing the cars and the ways we interact with them. If we are to believe the proponents of self-driving cars, we are actually living in the last days of the traditional car ownership. A big part of this changing relationship with cars are the apps ...

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Why App Quality Testing is a Must


Developing an app is not an easy task, especially if you are doing it from scratch and you do not use any of those app making template websites that are so popular these days. More importantly, since the app market is so saturated, in order to have any chance, your app will have to be truly great, which means even ...

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Android Beats Windows as the Most Popular OS


If we were to ask you what the most used OS for web browsing in the world is, you’d probably answer MS Windows, and you would definitely be right… a few weeks ago. According to the latest report, the Android has finally beaten Windows as the most popular OS for internet browsing. This was only a matter of time seeing ...

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5 Useful Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

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Business intelligence (BI) is the process of analyzing and acting upon the data that you have in possession. A good piece of BI software should provide you with the most useful and relevant insights that you can use in your business ventures. When choosing the right BI software, you should take into account the number of employees, your companies departments ...

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How an App can Help Promote Your SMB


Nowadays, having an app is essential when it comes to promoting your business online. This is especially significant due to the fact that Americans spend more time on their mobile phones than watching television. Creating an app can be difficult, especially if you do not have any technical expertise. Luckily, even if you lack programming knowledge, you will be able ...

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Human Resources Software for Small Business

human resources

The Human Resources (HR) software market is gaining ground, with new solutions flooding it at an unprecedented rate. The tech industry has evolved, and became adept at meeting strategic business demands. Even startups no longer shy away from making major HR purchases, albeit they struggle with tight budgets and lack of IT capacities. It is clear that small businesses must ...

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9 Home Safety and Security Apps for Smartphones

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One of the major concerns that modern homeowners have to think about is how protected their homes are from unauthorized intrusion, as well as from fires. Now that numerous technology features are becoming affordable and more available to a wider audience, more and more people rely on such IT-enhanced protection. At the same time, the dark side of the force ...

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Free Apps That Save You Loads of Money


Apps can be very useful, although most of them just waste your time and try to get some money out of you. But some apps can help you save money and also manage your finances in a better way. So, here is a list of the best money saving apps. Finances Mint is an app that allows you to monitor ...

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