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Apple will Pay $350 Million in Italian Tax Case


Technology giant Apple will pay $350 million (318 million Euros) in taxes for past years.  The tax is for all its earlier years of business in Italy and for its future liabilities. These were determined by the international prosecutors in Milan. Italy has recently brought much tax evasion case against many international global technology companies that have headquarters in low ...

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Google Testing New Log-in Method without Typing Password


Google is testing a new authentication method to allow users to login their account without typing their long string of characters or called passwords. The company stated they have been testing this feature for some time with a group of enthusiasts. It is unsure when the feature will be available to the general public. The new testing process comes after ...

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VTech Hack – Hack of Children Details

VTech Hack

Temporary Shutdown The world wide users of Learning Lodge, VTech app store have been affected by temporary unavailability due to the VTech Hack. The investigation process for the VTech hack is the reason for the shutdown. A big deal revealed by VTech recently includes user information of adults, but does not include personal identification data. Response from the Company According ...

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Apple Buys Faceshift – A Company which Expertise in Capturing Motion

Apple buys Faceshift

Apple Buys Faceshift – Apple has outspokenly confirmed the acquisition of buying Faceshit. Faceshift is a Zurich based company. Apple buys Faceshift which is already up and running on Star Wars-The force Awakens. Rumours in the market started a couple of months back. Finally, Apple confirms that it has brought Faceshift from TechCrunch. The news Apple buys Faceshift has blown ...

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Google Self Driving Car Pulled Over by Cops in California

self driving cars

A Californian cop had a first of its kind of experience when he had to pull over an autonomous Google self driving car for driving too slow. The picture was shared by Google on its car site. The reason it was pulled over was for driving so slow. As we know Google’s autonomous self driving prototype vehicles go at a ...

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Tag Heuer Connected: Your Guide To The Tag Android Smartwatch

android smartwatch

The Tag Heuer Connected has been unveil over in New York, among the fanfare of being the first lavishness android smartwatch. It yet had its own traditional cheese. As well as being a joint venture between Tag plus Google, it’s as well the first android smartwatch to possess an Intel chip within. Android smartwatch-Tag Heuer Connected: Design As you wouldd guess from Tag’s ...

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Toyota Invests $1 Billion in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Toyota is setting up a research company to develop artificial intelligence in Silicon Valley in the USA. The company is investing $1 billion in AI and robotics in planning to lead in futuristic cars that drive themselves. The company President Akio Toyoda stated the company will start operating with 200 employees at a facility near Stanford University. It will start ...

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YouTube to Make VA with 360-Degree Videos and Google Cardboard


YouTube is now moving on to the next step of entertainment with virtual reality. YouTube has recently announced in a blog post the site is now supporting 360 degrees videos. This feature along with Google Cardboard views and a Smartphone will make users feel they are in the actual scene. In the post they also mentioned it’s the same tricks ...

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Steve Jobs Dreamed About Apple Car in 2008

apple car

A former iPod Chief and Nest CEO Tony Fadell said that Steve Jobs had considered about creating Apple car in 2008. Fadell revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that Steve Jobs had strongly considered about an Apple built car and the two had several discussions too. However, nothing began officially when Fadell was still at Apple. The most interesting discussions ...

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Facebook Next Big Leap to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Facebook has been the next big thing in the virtual world with its innovative ways to stay connected and share with dear ones. However in recent years Facebook has been working on a wide range of innovative methods such as VR (Virtual Reality), etc. The amount of information generated in its News Feed is increasing 50 percent on year basis ...

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