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Microsoft to Donate $1 Billion in Cloud Services to Nonprofits

microsoft 12

Microsoft plans to donate a wholesome of one billion US dollars in cloud services to non profit and research organizations.  The company wants to take cloud services to those institutes that can’t afford them and make it universally accessible to everyone. This will also help Microsoft gain benefits on a long term potential users on its cloud platform. The donation ...

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Twitter Users Suffered Again: The Overnight Massive Outage


Users of twitter suffered for another day on Tuesday due to the overnight massive outage. Social media becomes a part of everyone’s life. Daily updates has become most of the social media user’s habitual work. Even some people use a lot of social media as they seem to be getting addicted to it. Sharing their thoughts, photos, videos which reduce miles ...

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Apple To Shut Down iAd Program in June


Apple confirmed it’s about to back away from iAd program on June 3. The company confirmed the shutdown of the six year old iAd program. It was the company’s money making business using mobile advertising. There have been a lot of things happening in the company, recently the company planned to disband the division’s sales team due to poor revenue ...

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Clay Bavor a new head for Google’s Virtual reality Business

Google's Virtual reality Business

Clay Bavor will be the VP for the product management and his responsibility is to take care of  Google’s Virtual Realty Business. VentureBeat late got the confirmation from Google on Tuesday about the head of Google’s Virtual reality Business. Joshu Cruz, Google’s spokesman emailed the confirmation about the new role on the Google’s Virtual reality Business. His confirmation states that, ...

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Pre-Orders of HTC VIVE from February 29

htc vive

It appears to look as if 2016 can be the year of Virtual reality with the availability of the new HTC Vive from HTC Company.  A few days after the announcement from Oculus of the price drop of its much expected Rift headset to $599, HTC disclosed its model in the name of HTC Vive will be available for pre-orders ...

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Apple to Launch Wireless Earphones with iPhone 7

iPhone 7

There have been a lot of reports and rumors of the iPhone 7 to not have the regular earphone 3.5 mm headphone jack. The company is currently working with Beats Electronics (an electronic products company it acquired two years ago) to make wireless earphones. The main reason why the new iPhone 7 wireless earphone is talked a lot is for ...

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Apple Buys Startup Company Emotient


Apple buys the startup company Emotient, an artificial intelligence company that specializes in facial recognition technology. It interprets people’s emotions every time they watch or experience any videos or any other media. However, much information was not revealed by Apple on its plans for the California based company. Emotient has tailored its facial recognition tool to help advertising in various ...

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Netflix is now available in almost every country


Video streaming site, Netflix is now available in 130 countries. The company launched its services in these countries except China. The site has been having a pretty slow growth in the United States which has made the company take the site to the world. The shares of the company have also rose by 5.5%. This is definitely a great move ...

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Apple will Pay $350 Million in Italian Tax Case


Technology giant Apple will pay $350 million (318 million Euros) in taxes for past years.  The tax is for all its earlier years of business in Italy and for its future liabilities. These were determined by the international prosecutors in Milan. Italy has recently brought much tax evasion case against many international global technology companies that have headquarters in low ...

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