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The Historic Landing of Space X Back on Earth.


The Super Power countries have really been working on various spaceships that can go to space. The technological incorporation and high innovation have led to the production of very powerful. The Rocket Spaceship built by the SpaceX Company was launched into space and it came back to each from space. This is one of the famously historic events that happened. ...

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It Might Take Some Time to Catch Up to the Future of VR


After a wait that seemed like forever, it’s finally here. The first Oculus Rifts are shipping to consumers and the reviews are beginning to come out concerning the quality of the games and what users can expect from the experience. Meanwhile, the HTC Vive headset, backed by Valve, is expected to launch in about a week and soon the market ...

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Toyota’s Revolutionary Invention – Blaid for Visually Impaired


Toyota corporation has done a spectacular invention Blaid, a technical device to help visually impaired people. It starts  a new revolution that would one day help visually impaired people see like us. The revolutionary device uses a camera inbuilt in its design, in order to facilitate the movement and enable visually impaired people navigate without the help of others.  Navigation ...

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Redesigned Facebook Messenger is Now Official

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger is the regular and similar to the Facebook app that’s available on stores. It may not look too fashionable and attractive like the other apps you find online but the company is not afraid to experiment to make it fashionable. Even if the app doesn’t come with attractive looks the first time it has no problem in ...

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Yahoo Launching Video and eSports News Site


Yahoo is about to launch its all new Esports news and video sites. This will be the first time Yahoo will be on to the esports scenario. Its prime focus will be on to cover online gaming an industry that had a wide range of audience last year. According to Newzoo, its reports the industry had over 226 million global ...

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First look at virtual reality Minecraft at Xbox showcase


Minecraft is admired by thousands of participants around the planet – currently, Microsoft indicates us what the immersive world appears like in virtual reality. The US company mentioned in delivering Minecraft to the next level, it would spend, and instead offered not to damage its preferred system. Like several VR experiences, it truly is utterly absorbing. For those enthusiastic about ...

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Defective Takata Air Bags – Over 5 Million Cars Recalled

Takata air bags

Daimler recalled 840,000 vehicles in the United States for defective Takata air bags.  In a day after that, car manufacturers such as Audi, BMW and Volkswagen are recalling around 1.7 million vehicles that have Takata air bags. The move is to bring over 5.1 million vehicles with defective Takata air bags. The U.S safety regulators announced the recalls after a ...

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Gmail Warning Users over Unsecured Connection


Internet giant Google is marking safer internet day by introducing new features in Gmail warning users over unsecured connections. The feature introduces new authentication feature to the mail program to identify emails that could be harmful and unsecure.  Last year the company had revealed it will increase and work on the security of its users and also create adequate security ...

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