Canada Electric Car Sales Triple in September

September electric cars sales in Canada clearly show the change in people view towards electric cars. With the top three models selling over 100 cars each, it’s been a good month for the major car electric car manufacturer. Nissan Leaf leads the sales for the month of September with 144 cars followed by Chevrolet Volt and Tesla Model S.

It was a record sale for Nissan Leaf with 144 cars being sold. It had 124 cars sold in August.  Chevy Volt also has been having good sales record in the Canadian territory with sales over 100 units in consecutive months. The same goes with Tesla’s Model S. In August 157 Units of Model S was sold in Canada. Tesla is having a dream run in Canada with record sales this year. With its newer models being released with better performance and design, such as the Model X, sales number will increase in the next couple of months as well.

Though not with big sale numbers BMWi3, Smart Electric Drive cars were also sold in good numbers in the previous month. 50 i-series units were sold in September. Sales were equal between the two variants of i3 series the REx and EV options.

 There were several other electric car sales that were recorded in September such as Toyota Prius Plug-in, Mitsubishi i-MIEV, Ford Fusion Energi and Ford C-Max Energi, Ford Focus Electric, Chevrolet Spark, Cadillac ELR, Kia Soul EV, BMW i8, etc. We can expect to see many more models entering the top electric car sales track in the final quarter of the year.  Electric car sales will triple in the final quarter of the year.

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