What Can We Expect from Facebook Advertising in 2017

The Facebook Ad platform is the most efficient digital advertising channel. It offers incredibly accurate targeting options driven by the users’ interests, behavioral patterns, and personal information they leave on their profiles. Since its introduction, Facebook advertising has been on the constant rise. Since Facebook itself is a very dynamic social network that often introduces new features, its advertising platform is also updating its offer on a regular basis. In this article, we have shared some of the updates Facebook advertisers can expect in 2017 and during the following years.

Video Stories on the News Feed


Snapchat revolutionized the social media game with their stories feature, and now both Facebook and Instagram are trying to adapt this concept and use it for improving their functionality. Facebook has already introduced the Stories feature on the separate platform and within its Messenger app. In 2017, users will be able to post their stories on their news feeds. With the introduction of the new stories functionality, Facebook will probably add more studio editing and post-production tools. Companies and individual users will probably be able to boost this new type of content and make sure that these videos are seen by their targeted audience.

Improved Functionality of Facebook Messenger


In 2017 Facebook will introduce chat bots on its Messenger platform. These bots will be used for customer service and sales conversations and they will be able to answer a long list of queries and direct users toward helpful resources and contacts. At the moment, several companies already use chatbots for sales and support purposes, including KLM, CNN, and Fynd.

Except chatbots, Messenger will also get end-to-end sales communication tools. This process has started with the release of the Messenger ads last November and it will continue in 2017 when even more business-to-customer (B2C) communication is going to move to this platform. Consumers will be able to contact customers with the ‘Contact us on Messenger’ button and ask for support or more details about the certain product.

Virtual Reality on Facebook


Facebook has recently introduced the 360-degree photos and videos. Its acquisition of Oculus Rift was a turning point that moved the company closer the latest technologies in this niche. In 2017 and beyond, the company will continue to move towards the full implementation of VR technologies and as soon, as they get fully adopted, we can expect a completely different form of Facebook advertising that will enable companies to present their offers through realistic real world simulations.

Facebook Advertising Moves to Groups


Facebook groups are the only part of the Facebook ecosystem that still has not been monetized. This will change in the next couple of years. Groups still have a solid reach and they are often used by marketers for increasing the reach of their posts. Facebook will put an end to this practice after introducing a unique group advertising feature. First, they will decrease the reach of group posts and then introduce the ‘Boost Post’ option that can be used by group members.

Call to Action Buttons


Since the introduction of the Facebook page concept, the company has been trying to move many different business processes to its news feeds and inboxes. At the moment, a generic Facebook page offers a direct ‘Contact us’ link and in 2017 and the following years, it will be equipped with the bigger selection of Call to Action options. These CTA buttons will allow viewers to make orders directly off the Facebook page. This new functionality will improve the experience of small businesses that do not have the budget and the resources to create their apps and eCommerce websites.

Keep Yourself Informed

As the market leader in the social media advertising field, Facebook will continue to customize its offer to help marketers to present their products in the best way. Of course, these improvements will come at a certain price. In the future, the Facebook advertising platform will probably be more oriented towards big corporate entities and the specialized agencies from the digital marketing niche, than on small businesses and marketers with small advertising budgets.

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