Bursting the Prepper Myths

Many people wonder what a “prepper” actually is. Prepper is nothing but a term coined for people who store up food and other supplies to protect themselves against a possible apocalyptic event. In fact, some are of the belief that being a prepper is not about a group of people but is actually a way of life – a way of life where people are encouraged to survive during the hard times.

Some people think that preppers are actually paranoid people who behave in an exaggerated way. Some also classify them as religious extremists awaiting the end of the world. Both of these ideals are false regarding them. These people aren’t crazy. They’re regular people like the rest of us, trying to protect themselves and their families before a crisis.

Our news sources tell us a lot about them, for example, these people are preparing themselves for a specific event in the near future. This is again untrue. They don’t prepare for a specific event rather they remain prepared for anything that might happen. This is one of the most primitive instincts of man – to be prepared for the worst of times ahead. It does not make them crazy or delusional.

Come to think rationally, the Universe is a vast place and there is always a possibility of something unforeseen happening. The more we understand that our lives might not be as stable as we would like to think, is when we can truly understand the preppers’ psychology.

Am I a prepper?

Source - en.wikipedia.org

Source – en.wikipedia.org

So you think you aren’t a prepper? Think again. Do you care for your family? Do you tend to think rationally? If you answered yes to any or both of these questions, then you are a prepper. Some of the organisms in the animal kingdom, like ants and bees are big time preppers. They store their food supplies (which they mainly rely on for survival) for times unseen.

Preppers are the ones among us who are ready for anything that might happen to the planet tomorrow. These are the people that will have all the supplies if something bad were to happen. Not only supplies, but they also have the knowledge and the skills to survive during trying times. Nobody knows what is going to happen in future, but it never hurts to be careful.

To come to that, we all are preppers to a certain degree. Our evolution has prepared us to battle the odds of the unseen times. However, some of us more than the others are adept at it. We have learnt to fight off during trying times. If an economic crisis were to arise in the near future, many people would be able to face it today, because some of us have already been through recession.

But those that are consciously preppers choose to sharpen their survival instincts on a daily basis and thus, they will have an edge over the others during the trying times. They can provide for themselves as well as their loved ones.

How can I begin prepping from today?

Source - commons.wikimedia.org

Source – commons.wikimedia.org

The basics of prepping is stocking up food supply, since it is the basic thing which helps us move from day to day, it is where prepping really begins from. This could include storing up pouches of food, storing up canned goods. It would also include storing up bottles of water. These are the basic things which you have to pile up on. However, if you are living with your family, you have to ensure that there is enough food and water for all of the members in your family.

The next thing to do is to choose a place of shelter. You have to choose a place which you think might survive during times of crisis. It could be in a forest, an isolated place, or above the top of a mountain. This is where you have to pile up on the stocks. But apart from the food, you must also keep vital supplies such as batteries, flashlights, rope, pointed objects, etc, at hand.

Prepping gets also done by knowing how to survive. For example, you suspect that the water level of Earth was going to rise and we would have to build a boat to survive on. So you teach your kids how to not drink water from the ocean, or you teach them how to survive on the ocean for days, etc. This is just an example. Same goes for all other types of calamities such as economic collapse, meteor strike, etc.

You have to prepare your mind as well as your families for times when resources are scarce. The basic survival instinct to fight to keep what’s rightfully theirs must be taught. So that is pretty much the basic way of prepping.

How to store food for emergencies?

Source - www.flickr.com

Source – www.flickr.com

There was a hush, hush about a power outage for 2 weeks some time ago. People started prepping for it in the most unique way. If this were to happen in particular, you would need ideas to cook that do not depend upon power supply. Basically cooking needs fire and container, and of course salt. You will have to store enough supplies as raw materials to be cooked. So you need fresh food, but also food which will stay fresh without refrigeration.

It is always good to store on a lot of carbohydrates so that you meet your energy requirements during the unforeseen times. If it is the alternate cooking method you are opting for, be sure that the fuels will be ample when required.

Also, make sure that the food which you have stored, do not take a long time to get cooked. For example, dried beans – these might take up a lot of your fuel, ditch them. There are other foods which do not take longer to cook. Store them up.

What other things should be kept in mind?

The next thing to keep in mind is the sanitation needs. You don’t want to use drinking water to clean the toilets or to flush. So keep the things which need to be cleaned, minimal. Use paper towels, paper plates and disposable cups. However, keep some disinfectant wipes at hand. Anti bacterial products should not be used regularly, but since we are talking about emergencies here we must keep them at hand. Use heavy duty garbage bags and garbage litter to take care of the septic issues.

Do not forget the lights – you don’t want to be hovering through darkness during the darkest times, especially if you have children. Thankfully, this problem is the easiest to take care of. F you don’t want to use flash lights, you have the following options to stock pile upon:

  • Solar lanterns
  • Kerosene lamps (don’t forget to stock up on kerosene)
  • Solar powered lights
  • Long burning candles
  • Matchsticks or lighters

These are your best friend for light-less times. Another thing which you must not forget to take is the first aid kit. It may be one of the most important things. You never know when a first aid kit might come handy, especially with the newfound way of life with the essential tools around. Your first aid kit must-haves might include your prescribed medicines, apart from that, ointments, bandages and pain relievers are a must. Never be careless with any of these important things needed for prepping.

Exclusive prepping for yourself

You know what your family requires the best. This is why each family’s prepping may be different, but following these steps almost every family can get themselves on track:

  1. Make a list of the absolute must haves of other members of your family. Don’t forget to include yours too.
  2. Check your inventory in a nutshell. You might be surprised to find that you have stocked up already on many items mentioned above.
  3. Make the list of the items which you still do not have. Go shopping.
  4. Can’t afford everything? Not a problem. Buy the most important things first.
  5. Keep the stocks piled up in such a way that you can easily access them when you need them.

It is not just a matter of prepping; it is a matter of inner peace too, knowing that you can provide for your family when the times give you a lot of confidence. You know your kids won’t starve, or your family won’t be totally out of resources during trying times.

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