Beta Testing: A logged-out version by Twitter

Beta testing:

Twitter is one of the most used social networking sites and has begun its beta testing with a logged-out version. The beta testing promoted tweets and videos are mainly for the Twitter’s logged-out version’s experience.  It aims for a larger audience with a new way of providing advertisers. This method will help to increase the scale of the audience outside the normal user base.

Target for Large Audience:

As per the announcement earlier this year, Twitter has 500 million visitors every month. The users are mostly using twitter without signing in. The beta testing feature will support campaigns that drive video views, website clicks and conversions. This will help marketers to scale their campaign and can communicate with more people from different places of the globe with the measurement tools, ad creative and same targeting.

Primary ways for Logged-out version:

Twitter’s revenue project manager Deepak Rao states that the opportunity to connect with the audience will get maximised for marketers. People can access the  logged-out version of the Twitter in three primary ways link sharing (when a user sends a tweet to a non-twitter user), search, and distribution network of twitter (tweets that show up on the Web, like those embedded in websites or articles).Twitter’s work this year, shows that it concentrated beyond the twitter’s active users.

The Twitter moments launched in October allowed the visitors who aren’t logged in view curated tweets related to important news events. In the desktop version, the promoted videos and tweets can be viewed on the profile pages and tweet detail pages.

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