Benefits of Going with Green Web Hosting

A modern business world is a dog-eat-dog place where everyone fights for sheer survival. However, this eternal struggle sometimes distracts people from what really matters. Providing a superb service is always paramount, but this is never all there is to it. At the end of a day, when nuances are all that stands between a client choosing you or choosing your competitor, they are most likely to look at the values that both of your companies stand for. One of the ways to improve your public image and at the same time do something good for our planet is to go with green hosting.


What is Green Hosting

First things first, in order to discuss what green web hosting is and how your business can benefit from it, we first need to take a second and define it. As its name suggests green hosting is planet friendly, but how can hosting be more or less polluting? Well, servers are running on hardware and hardware requires power. If a hardware piece is made specifically to give you the same performance while consuming less energy or if the energy comes from a renewable source (wind, sun) then the host using it is green. Seeing how the number of hosts in the world grows with each passing day, this trend could make a difference in the future.

A Suitable Web Host

There is a statistic which claims that about 25 percent of all your viewers are going to abandon you if your page fails to load in only 4 seconds. To put this into perspective, average mobile users (which are now in majority) expect their page to load within a 2 seconds time-frame in order to consider it fast enough. Furthermore, if your servers face a lot of downtime, you are bound to start losing clients. Seeing how you may also need to buy a domain name or two through your host, you need to take a look at what your hosts have to offer in that regard. Overall, when looking for a green host, you need to put ‘host’ first and ‘green’ second. Keep in mind that you are still running a business, so whether or not your host is green cannot be a cornerstone; it can only be an extra feature.

Getting Labeled Green

People who care about the environment prefer to hire companies that are labeled as green. In other words, by going green you will have another great thing to mention during your marketing campaign. To summarize, those who care about the environment will be grateful for your effort, while those who don’t care about it will just ignore this fact. As you can see, going green has virtually no downside.

Green Hosting is the Future

At the moment, our world is still running on fossil fuels which are in limited supply. This means that we are facing an imminent energy crisis that can be solved in only two ways: renewable energy, and lowered power consumption. Both of these can be seen through the phenomenon of green hosting, so by going with a green host you are just becoming a pioneer in this trend that will sooner or later become global. Simply put, at one point every host will have to go green, it is only a matter of time.


In the end, the fact that the host is green is just another thing you should look for when making a decision on whom to go with. Naturally, if the difference in services they offer is too great, this will not be a determining factor, but if the two offers are pretty similar, you can use eco-friendliness as a tie-breaker. Needless to say, you can expect the same from your clients.

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