The Autopilot Feature In Tesla S Renders It The Safest EV.

The Tesla Model S EV is one of the top luxurious vehicle that one can ever own. This is attributed to the amazing features and specs that is equipped in this vehicle. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk the autopilot feature in Tesla model S has significantly reduced the probability of one getting an accident whenever it’s activated. This has been proved on the early tests conducted on the Tesla Model S prototypes. According to him the chances of getting an accident when this mode is activated has been reduced by 50%. Elon spoke this in an event in Oslo, Norway East.

The Autopilot Feature In Tesla S Renders It The Safest EV.

The Tesla Model S has been equipped with various safety measures that will curb the chances of an accident occurring whenever you are using it. This includes the deployment of the perfect and instantaneous airbags. The autopilot mode is also excellent and guarantees enough safety measures whenever it is being activated. According to latest reports from Elon Musk, the autopilot mode can be able to drive in a perfect way as compared to human. At the moment, they are yet to receive latest reviews regarding the performance of the autopilot mode.
At the moment they are incorporating the Tesla Company is really incorporating a lot of technological levels so as to increase the performance of the autopilot mode. The development of the autopilot mode has actually played a significant role in the rise of the market for the EV vehicle all over the world.

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