Autonomous Electric Car: The Concept of Nissan IDS

A peep into the future: Nissan IDS

At the Tokyo Motor Show, The Nissan IDS concept has been revealed giving a glimpse of what electric-car ownership could be like many years into the future. A few more hints are also provided reflecting what’s in store for the second-generation Nissan Leaf.

The Nissan IDS Concept includes a suite of items that the automaker terms Nissan Intelligent Driving Technology, wireless inductive charging and a dramatic hatchback styling. Nissan IDS ia an idle concept that sets the look for the next-generation Nissan Leaf, 2018 is the expected model year.

Reportedly Nissan’s Say on Nissan IDS

Nissan’s design chief Shiro Nakamura has also said in past interviews that we can expect the next generation of the Leaf to be less on-its-own with respect to design. He also mentions that the design is certainly quirky and attention-getting, it would give Nissan an EV that’s as sporty-looking as the brand’s most flamboyant gasoline-engine models.
Nissan has also teased a 60-kWh battery pack in the Nissan IDS Concept. Company officials also quoted that number is merely a concept-car figment for now and the company has developed a prototype 60-kWh pack.

The concept also has a carbon-fiber body, a special aerodynamic-swirl wheel design, and thin 175-width wheels. A flat-panel screen emerges from the dash and the steering wheel recedes when the car is in its autonomous-driving mode. Also Nissan IDS has seating for four.

Nissan officials also stated that Nissan IDS will be thoroughly real-world tested. Overall, in the Nissan IDS Concept there will be five laser sensors, five sonar sensors and 12 cameras.

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