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Somnium Space Joins Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance

Somnium Space VRBA logo

Somnium Space Joins Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance Support grows for High Fidelity’s blockchain-based identity and digital assets platform San Francisco—May 10, 2018—High Fidelity today announced that Somnium Space, an open cross-platform virtual-reality world, has joined the Virtual Reality Blockchain Alliance (VRBA). Somnium Space will join VRBA founders High Fidelity and JanusVR in the effort to create a universal digital identity ...

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Creating the Perfect Home Office


If you have the good fortune to be allowed to work from home, you probably are wondering about just how you can set up the perfect home office. Of course, a comfortable office chair goes a long way in ensuring that you are comfortable while you work. But what many people fail to consider is that it is incredibly important ...

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It Might Take Some Time to Catch Up to the Future of VR


After a wait that seemed like forever, it’s finally here. The first Oculus Rifts are shipping to consumers and the reviews are beginning to come out concerning the quality of the games and what users can expect from the experience. Meanwhile, the HTC Vive headset, backed by Valve, is expected to launch in about a week and soon the market ...

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Data protection at risk? Why is DLP failing?


Why is DLP Failing? Scottrade, Anthem, Sony Hacked, data breached.   Home Depot, data breached, Target …. will 2016 move in the same direction as 2015, 2014 and 2013? When studying these patterns, it’s important to understand that it’s the degree and severity of the incident (i.e.. Target), not the rate of occurrence that makes news. According to the Ponemon Institute[1], the average cost ...

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Even Diabetes is going digital, and you should care!

  A New Innovation That Keeps Tabs of Vital Signs and Your Last Insulin Shot! Many forget to take their insulin shot on time or to take their vital signs before injecting, or simply verifying they need to take the med in the first place. We are all used to carrying around a special bag that contains our syringes and ...

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Toyota’s Revolutionary Invention – Blaid for Visually Impaired


Toyota corporation has done a spectacular invention Blaid, a technical device to help visually impaired people. It starts  a new revolution that would one day help visually impaired people see like us. The revolutionary device uses a camera inbuilt in its design, in order to facilitate the movement and enable visually impaired people navigate without the help of others.  Navigation ...

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