Ashley Madison gang unveiled for hacking

It has been really difficult to catch the Ashley Madison hacker by the security experts. Ashley Madison’s gang has dumped about 10 gigabytes of theft data on the Web. This detail has been obtained from the site, which is dedicated to matching up people for extramarital affairs.


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Troy Gill, senior security analyst with AppRiver said, “In this case, the hackers seemed to have taken all necessary precautions to protect their anonymity while utilizing the Dark Web via Tor.””I’m not sure much more is known about them now than when this whole event began,” he further added.

Tor is a network designed to keep the identities of the users hidden. The Dark Web is the part of the Internet that cannot be observed by the search engines. It is inaccessible using the normal Web-surfing tool.

Ashley Madison used Tor to conceal their identity and posted stolen data to the Internet through Dark Web. The gang has demanded the owner of Avid Life Media to shut it down along with the two other websites it owned; they are Cougar Life and Established Men, after announcing that they have stolen data from the site. When Avid didn’t act according to the wish of hackers, they showed up the cache of theft data to the Internet.

The release of information leads to the loss of credibility of the company, as it had a lot of secret information about the users that can embarrass individuals. Hackers are prevailing day by day; they try to harm every single invention. Hope they would have used their brain in developing something innovative rather than being involved in the cybercrime. If you have some comments regarding hackers, do comment below to add your opinion.

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  1. Hacking mind you is in categories. We have two major category, white hat hacking and black hat. Not all hacking are dangerous or are many for evil

  2. Whichever way, whatever hay it might be, anytime ingredients good should be done in a legal way. Why hack in the first place? What possible justification could they possibly have had?

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