Apple’s Electric Car Chief Leaving Company

There have been a lot of taking and speculations about Apple’s electric cars recently. The recent news is that its Project Leader Steve Zadesky is leaving the company. Due to various reliable resources its clear Zadesky is leaving the company due to personal reasons and not related to job performance or disputes. Apple’s electric car project “Titan” has been doing the talks for about two years. Zadesky’s departure from the company will definitely slow down the process and will be a setback for Apple. Although, its confirmed he would leave the company it’s unclear when exactly his departure will occur.

apple's electric car


Zadesky joined the company after leaving his engineering position at Ford Motor Company in 1999. He was very successful in his job, that he rose the ranks to become the Vice President of iPhone and iPod product design. He has over 90 patents during his tenure in the company.

Though the company hasn’t confirmed about its electric car making or its details, Tesla owner Elon Musk recently stated that Apple’s electric car project named “Titan” is an “open secret”. It’s not too pleasing that the world knows about Apple’s electric car making plans and progress but the company hasn’t officially announced if its making a car or not. Musk recently said it’s difficult to hide something if you have more than thousand engineers working on the project.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook stated in November, last year about the changes about to happen in the ‘automobile industry with electrification and autonomous driving. Though, he didn’t reveal much about company’s plans, all he said was a lot of changes are about to happen in the automobile industry in the next couple of years.

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