Apple Developing Wireless Charged iPhone for 2017

According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently developing a new wireless charging enabled iPhone for 2017. The company has partnered with tech companies in the US and Asia to make it possible and successful.



The company is working on cutting edge technologies to bring the wireless enabled charging option a reality on iPhones. The company is expecting to have a fall in sales in 2016, according to experts. There were good sales in the first quarter of 2016 but sales declined drastically in the remaining three quarters. This makes it necessary for Apple to come up with something out of the blue to keep up the iPhone market worldwide.

Although further details are not revealed by the company, its clear the company is looking ahead to overcome technical problems faced die to loss of power over distance on iPhones.

Phil Schiller, Apple Marketing head, said the company isn’t sure of how wireless charging would be convenient since the wireless charging devices have to be plugged to the wall. Earlier in the month, there were reports on Apple working on the wireless charging feature on the iPhone7 however it is clear the feature will be available in future Apple devices and not iPhone 7. The new iPhone will come without the headphone jack making the phone slimmer.

The company has been showing interest in wireless charging technology from the time first iPhone was released. They have gained patents for wireless charging stations through near field magnetic resonance. This might start the beginning of wireless charged devices.

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