Apple Buys Startup Company Emotient

Apple buys the startup company Emotient, an artificial intelligence company that specializes in facial recognition technology. It interprets people’s emotions every time they watch or experience any videos or any other media. However, much information was not revealed by Apple on its plans for the California based company.



Emotient has tailored its facial recognition tool to help advertising in various media, media testing, research and audience response as stated in the company site.  The move comes from Apple as part of its goal to use artificial intelligence to make life easier. Apple is on a verge to use artificial intelligence to build smart software which will help to bring together various products. The company is seriously working on artificial intelligence advance research and is planning to hire more people to work on it. It will also be buying two more startups in the next couple of months, VocalIQ and Perceptio.

This new move will help Apple to build tools and applications to change and learn a lot about people’s emotions and feelings.  There will be a lot of new applications that will be build on this platform.

Emotient, the artificial intelligence company was founded by six researchers from the University of California. They are being granted patents on their research and finding resulting in areas of using AI to read images and decipher. The tool will definitely tell if a person likes or attracts another. There is also another patent for gauging tone of conversions with automatic suggestion to improve the conversation.

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