Apple Buys Faceshift – A Company which Expertise in Capturing Motion

Apple Buys Faceshift – Apple has outspokenly confirmed the acquisition of buying Faceshit. Faceshift is a Zurich based company. Apple buys Faceshift which is already up and running on Star Wars-The force Awakens. Rumours in the market started a couple of months back. Finally, Apple confirms that it has brought Faceshift from TechCrunch.

The news Apple buys Faceshift has blown everyones mind. With no direct statement of how Apple will use Faceshift, it left the users with no option other than speculating about the new technology. Apple buys Faceshift and it is an amazing software as it has the ability to capture ones facial expressions and show almost a real time Avatar. To TechCrunch’s vision, Faceshift possess the skills which will be beneficial in the future. The unique expression capturing technique has the potential to prove itself in the security section as well. Apart from Apple buying Facelift, many other things brought by Facebook are lined up like the Prime Sense-A maker of motion sensors 3D, Polar Sense, Metaio etc.

These products though having a strong background have not added any colours to Apple technologies and services yet. Apple buying Faceshift indicates that Apple is interested in playing a greater role between digital realms and physical realms. The link between Apple and its consumers seemingly have no connection with the kind of purchase Apple is doing past few years. Apple buys Faceshift and has got mixed responses from Apple supporters and users. The market is indeed paying attention to Apple’s each step.

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