Why App Quality Testing is a Must

Developing an app is not an easy task, especially if you are doing it from scratch and you do not use any of those app making template websites that are so popular these days. More importantly, since the app market is so saturated, in order to have any chance, your app will have to be truly great, which means even more hard work.

App quality testing, as its name would suggest, means taking your app for one last spin before you put finishing touches on it. But, why exactly is it a must?

Developers get Single-minded

When you work on an app for a long time, you become emotionally attached to it and it becomes difficult to see faults with it. It is like parents who do not want to admit their kids have done something bad. This actually happens all the time with apps as developers put them out thinking they are the best things ever. As it turns out, they are these half-broken abominations no one enjoys and that barely work. Developers usually make bad testers. App quality testing makes sure this does not happen and it allows developers time to tweak things if it is possible.

People are Strange

One of the most infuriating things about being a developer is that you never know how people are going to react to your app. You talk to dozen more developers and people with hundreds of apps behind them and they may tell you that your app is the best thing ever. Then, you realize that there is some tiny usability quirk that regular users will find infuriating. People are strange and even the tiniest little things can ruin an app. This is actually why crowdsourced app testing is becoming popular to such an extent. It gauges a larger audience and it is more likely to unearth these little things.

Apps are Complex

An app may begin its life as the simplest piece of code that is supposed to do a very simple thing in a very simple way. However, as it grows and different functionalities and cross-compatibilities are built into it, it becomes this complicated beast that has a life of its own. Apps become complex sooner or later and it is good to have an outside opinion on how everything works when put together. App quality testing professionals know exactly where to look for issues and how to inspect an app from top to bottom. Just because an app is complex, does not mean it cannot work.

Security Issues are Evolving

The cybersecurity industry has become so chaotic that even the biggest players often find it difficult to know what is happening. New vectors for attacks are opening up daily, there are more and more attackers trying to exploit every piece of code for money and it can all get a bit overwhelming. Now, imagine a small development team trying to figure out if their app is secure enough to be released into the wild. It soon becomes quite obvious that it is a better idea to let professionals take a look at it and try to pinpoint all the vulnerabilities (and there will be vulnerabilities).  You cannot let your early adopters discover your security issues.

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