8 Most Intriguing Conspiracy Theories of the Past 15 Years

Lots of hidden messages and secret alien codes have been discovered in the recent past. From the reports of faked moon landings to the story of Gary McKinnon who hacked into the secret database of NASA and a few companies and said that he had come across evidences of alien aircrafts, we are ever left wondering if there is more to things than meets the eye.
Even something as innocent as Disney seems to have its share of hidden secrets. It was said that when Aladdin’s Genie murmured secretly, if you listen closely it sounded like “good teenagers take off your clothes”. There are several videos on YouTube where these subliminal messages are clipped.
There are thousands of things that are shown in the backgrounds of Disney movies which are intentionally put there, such as Rapunzel attending Elsa’s crowning ceremony. But then why would Disney put a poster called “Ask About Illuminati” in a Duck Tales episode? Conspiracy theorists believed that Walt Disney himself was a member of the Illuminati.
Subliminal messages in songs are the most common. It is said that when you hear a song backwards it decodes into some satanic verse asking you to do erratic things. In 1985, two young men from Nevada shot themselves dead right after listening to a song from the heavy metal band Judas Priest. The alleged messages in the songs were “let’s be dead”. Pink Floyd’s song “Empty Spaces” allegedly contains a message congratulating the listeners to discover the secret of the Monalisa. So are these just conspiracies or is there more than what really meets the eye? Learn about some other recent conspiracy theories:

1. Is Obama Trying to Bankrupt America?
Of late, conspiracy theorists have been contemplating whether Obama is trying to bankrupt America or not. This question has been raised ever since Obama has risen to authority, because right after he did, there was an immense decline in the welfare state and Obama didn’t take any steps to deal with this crisis.
Moreover, the policies he seems to have been pursuing since then are pointing towards major bankruptcy. The deficit spending climbed up by $4.46 trillion but Obama seems too hell bent spending on wars and the military – one may wonder– is President Obama not able to understand the implications of his actions or is he causing this intentionally?

“President Barack Obama” by Official White House Photo by Pete Souza – P120612PS-0463 (direct link). Licensed under Public Domain via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:President_Barack_Obama.jpg#/media/File:President_Barack_Obama.jpg


2. North Korea is actually an ally of the US:
If you are to look at the ties between Korea and the US, you would see that having major ties with South Korea, US seems to be on the odds with North Korea. But conspiracy theorists disagree. According to them the state of the imminent War Between the States is just for show they say.
In their support they have only three main points: 240 thousand shipments were delivered between US and North Korea in 2012 – when the relation between the two countries were already sour, North Korea doesn’t stand a chance to win if it were to battle America, so why would it ruin its chances? Even though this is a rather weak point, it is being asked as well. Another important point is, American basketball player Dennis Rodman is seen publicly meeting with Kim. So are they at cahoots? What do you think?

Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org

Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org


3. The 9/11 tragedy was orchestrated:
Almost a majority of the Americans now believe that the 9/11 tragedy was an inside job. There are many points they put forward to support this, such as the presence of eye witnesses who claim that they heard explosions in the building long before it collapsed; in fact, bomb sniffing dogs were removed for some reason from the building. Larry Silverstein who was a regular at the WTC did not go there on 9/11 claiming his wife had a dental appointment that day – which is not verified to be true. Moreover, Silverstein insured this building a year before, and this insurance covered “terrorist attacks”.
Another bizarre fact is that, it is said that if you take 20, 50 or 100 dollars and place them in a certain way you get the entire reconstruction of the 9/11 incident. Starting from the twin towers standing as it was before to the actual collapse– it is described to a tee. In fact, if you place the numbers in a certain way, you get the story of the Pentagon printed on it. Coincidence? You decide.

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Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org

4. The illuminati conspiracy (New World Order):
Although this is an older conspiracy theory, we have included this in our list because of its far reaching consequences. The Illuminati is a group of people who are said to control the entire world’s financial pyramid. These people consider themselves to be above the common people and some even say they are descendants of the ancient Nephilim race.
It is said that it is to them that the world is “indebted to”. Conspiracy theorists now believe that they are trying to unite the world so that it is easier for them to control. The evidence can be seen in the increasing efforts to unite the world by means of social networking, unification or dissolution of religious beliefs and so on. The New World Order is nothing but the One World Order, a single form of government ruling everyone.

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Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org

5. West countries pushed Russia to invade Ukraine:
We have all heard the news when during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a United Nations meeting was held and also USA had asked Russia to back down. It said that any military invasion would be a “grave mistake” in Ukraine. Could this just be another plan by the US?
Some believe that Kremlin’s motives are to dilute the presence of any military influence of Ukraine in the future. Certainly it feels threatening to imagine this could happen in future to other countries. The US is highly unlikely to interfere in this matter but if you are to believe conspiracy theorists, the US is helping Ukraine get back at Russia. It could be that the US has the last laugh while both of these countries fight with each other.

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Source: Wikipedia.org

6. The Arab uprising is a plot by the Western countries to weaken the Arabian nations:
The Arab uprisings have from the beginning been a whirlwind of conspiracies. But the latest conspiracy is that the entire Arab uprising is actually a Western plot to weaken the Arab nations. They say that the great powers of the UK and America have combined to give effect to these uprisings so that they can continually benefit from the disturbances there. The post war analysis has suggested that all of these wars have coincided with the interests of the Western countries. Counter logic suggest that Western countries have faced economic deficit due to these wars as well. Also note that scenario used in Ukraine was very similar to this one, so perhaps this is one of the best evidences of Western countries being involved in Ukraine as well.


Source: Wikipedia.org

Source: Wikipedia.org

7. Global warming is a hoax:
This is perhaps one that has been doing a lot of rounds. We are told that we must conserve our planet because the use of refrigerators and air conditioners are actually putting our world into a state of Global Warming. Are we told the truth? Conspiracy theorists say no, we aren’t.
The theories were suggested by the findings of a journalist called Delingpole, who found that weather reports were manipulated, that there was a time when Earth was warmer than it is today. That period was called the Medieval Warm Period – but no one seems to bat an eyelid about it. So why go all the way to do this? To promote nuclear power as an energy source they say and also the auxiliary costs involved for controlling global warming. According to Delingpole, there is also contradictory evidence supporting the anthropogenic Global Warming report, but that had been shunned.

Source: Wikipedia.org

Source: Wikipedia.org

8. The HAARP conspiracy:
We have been told that the project HAARP in Alaska is just for research and communications, but every time Americans look up at the sky, they seem to think that it is something else. Some believe it to be a mode of controlling the weather around the world; some even go as far as to say that it is the medium of open communication with the aliens and that it is a part of a big cover up, like Area 51.
After HAARP’s official website closed down in 2013, almost everything from Japan’s earthquake, to the polar vortex is being dumped on to the HAARP. But one thing is for sure, a lot of information about HAARP is not known to the public and that makes it more prone to such accusations. Do you think something suspicious is going on up there?

Source: Wikipedia.org

Source: Wikipedia.org


Of course the list of conspiracy theories just keeps getting longer and longer with each passing year. Should we really pay so much attention to them, or should we dismiss them as just rumor mills? We let you, our readers, be the judge of that. Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comment section below.

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  1. I believe some to be true, others to me are just fallacies

  2. Illuminati, 9/11, the Arab….and so on aren’t just fallacies bro. Look closer and get facts, maybe you’ll understand

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