5 Ways Old-School Marketing Helps Your Digital Presence

Old-school vs. digital marketing is a pointless debate that insists for one to choose between methods that can be so effective when used together. Sure, it’s more than obvious that your digital marketing can be used in order to boost the reach and popularity of your business in the real world. Nonetheless, not many people think about various ways in which old-school marketing could be used to help their digital presence. Here are some of them.


1.      Business cards

Business cards are a trend that’s been used in the business world for years. In the past, they only contained information like one’s phone number, their name, position in a company and several similar, relevant, details. Nowadays, you could also include URL of your website, your email and your social media handles. You could do so on the back of the card unless you see this information as more pivotal and push it to the front. This is a simple and elegant solution that gives a boost to your digital presence while still maintaining the feel of the digital marketing.

2.      Guerilla marketing

Other than this, you could also consider the concept of guerilla marketing and find a way to turn common street art into a promotional tool. Think about it, by painting a massive mural on the wall, you’re bound to attract attention and peak interest of bypassers. How will this help you improve your online presence? Well, we live in an age where people can’t resist the urge to take a photograph of anything interesting they see and do, as well as properly tag it. Some may see this as a negative social trend but from the standpoint of marketing alone, this is something that could make a massive difference in your favor.

3.      Promotional products

The simplest way to turn your clients, employees and friends into walking billboards is to outfit them with your promotional hats, umbrellas and t-shirts. Nowadays, you can even handle this method with sophisticated transfer paper technique which allows you to do it all without weeding. In order to ensure that this helps you out in the digital world, you could add a couple of social media handles to these products (like you did with business cards). You could also print several social media logos on each of these products (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter), in order to remind everyone that you’re present there, as well.

4.      Attending events

The next thing you need to understand is that showcasing your product in industry-related events boosts both your credibility and your appeal. First of all, it’s easy to make an online business and promote whatever product or service you want. Until your clients put their hands on your products, they have no way of knowing whether you’re actually real or if you’re just another online hoax. This way, you get to demonstrate your products, show off your staff and if you can make an impressive stand, hang a banner with your logo and dress your team in uniforms, even better. In this way, you get to utilize the need for merchandise once again.

5.      Networking

While mingling with people from your industry, potential partners or clients, you can encourage them to look you up online. You can even exchange social media handles, emails and website URLs in person. If they’re easy to memorize (as they always should be), this should be quite seamless and efficient. Moreover, the chance of engagement is drastically increased this way, seeing as how the person in question can already be considered as a qualified lead.


From all of the above-listed, it’s more than clear that the biggest disadvantage of online-only businesses is the lack of trust and legitimacy. It’s hard to prove that you’re real to those who haven’t already done business with you and this is a problem that old-school marketing can help you overcome quite effectively. Still, in order for this to work, you need to find the right formula and combine it all in the best manner possible.

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