5 Useful Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

Business intelligence (BI) is the process of analyzing and acting upon the data that you have in possession. A good piece of BI software should provide you with the most useful and relevant insights that you can use in your business ventures. When choosing the right BI software, you should take into account the number of employees, your companies departments and teams. Let’s look  at these 5 useful pieces of BI software. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

Being one of the most popular BI software, Microsoft Power BI can be obtained at a reasonable cost. Some of the tools within the package can be used only on a trial basis, but the software offers relevant information and visualisation of data.

Benefits of using Microsoft Power BI include the segmentation of prospected companies by complexity, geography, and revenue, as well as its ability to function withing a cloud environment. This means that everything can be done online and with great ease.


Tableau is known for its features that enable you to simply drag and drop sections for accessing and analyzing data. This software also offers ease of sharing files with colleagues. There are three main Tableau pieces of software: desktop, server, and Tableau online. Each of the variants can be used to collect and analyze valuable data. Experts highly recommend using this software.

Panorama Necto

Panorama Necto is a BI suite that was made to work together with any source of data. It is the only BI solution that is designed to work specifically with the Microsoft platform. Panorama offers a supportive and collaborative features. It also helps the users to share and acquire feedback on mutual reports. What is so great about Panorama is that it offers awesome visualisation of gathered data in the form of click infographics. Panorama also has very competitive prices, so businesses of all sizes are advised to try it out.

Sap Lumira

This software uses data visualisation to help with understanding large data sets. Sap Lumira is easy to use and can work on multiple platforms. Furthermore, it offers advanced analytic models, informative tutorials  and an excellent customer support. Those who love SAP will love Lumira, it is a familiar environment that is easy to navigate and at the same time helps you by providing relevant business insight.


This is a great cloud- based business intelligence platform that is at the same time extremely user- friendly. Besides the possibility of connecting to a large number of data sources, GoodData allows for the creation of useful dashboards and charts. GoodData dashboards can be used in the same company on multiple levels. Other than this, GoodData offers top- notch customer service to handle all the problems that might arise.

So there you go. A short overview of some of the most useful pieces of BI software out there. There are many, many more to be checked out, but these 5 are a great start. Business intelligence is a smart way of analyzing the important market and consumer data, so every business owner should consider using these pieces of software to ensure staying ahead of the competitors.

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