4 Tips for Making a Killer Homepage

A lot of people will tell you that making a good homepage isn’t that hard. Well, with over 644 million active websites out there, many of which are your direct competitors, ‘good’ may simply not be good enough. What you need for your page is to be outstanding and this is definitely not an easy task. Keep in mind that every website (same as every business) has an agenda. This is something you should focus on in every single element of your website. With this in mind and without further ado, here are four tips that should help you make a killer homepage.


1.      Three key purposes

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that your homepage has three purposes. The first one is to visually attract your customers (this can be done through several means we will discuss later on). The second one is to educate them on your brand, while the third and the final one is to encourage them to look a bit more around your website. This last part usually relies on having an intuitive and interactive navigation system that will help them get through all your content in no time. Furthermore, having a decent navigation can help your website get indexed in no time, seeing how it also helps Google’s crawlers with an easier exploration of your website.

2.      Keep your website design minimalistic

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that cramming too much stuff in your homepage tends to be quite counterproductive. First of all, it will confuse your visitors and sometimes this confusion will be all that it takes for them to leave. You see, there is a theory online that you have about 8 seconds to impress a first-time visitor to your website before they leave for good. In a situation where they can’t find their way around your website because all the unnecessary elements are distracting them, they are most likely to just give up and find what they’re looking for elsewhere.

3.      Make it fast

According to various surveys, an average visitor to your website expects it to load within the first 2 seconds. In a scenario where it fails to do so in 4 seconds time, about 25 percent of all your audience is bound to leave you. In order not to allow this to happen, you need to focus on increasing your website’s speed and responsiveness. For starters, going with a minimalistic design will already do the trick, seeing how each element requires its own HTTP request. Additionally, you need to find the right web host for the job. We are talking about someone who can deliver on the speed, but also provide you with 24/7 support and as much uptime as possible (at least 99.99 percent).


4.      Video homepage

Finally, a lot of website owners believe adding a custom video to your website’s homepage is a great idea. When it comes to the above-discussed three purposes, a video can be highly informative, entertaining and immersive, which is basically all you need in a homepage. Additionally, a video is a mobile friendly format, seeing how you don’t have to worry about the size of the font or the resolution of the images. Still, the price of making a custom video of adequate quality usually turns out to be its greatest downside, as well as the reason why some startups and SMBs avoid it.


In addition to the above-listed four, one could also advise adding high-resolution images, purchasing a premium WP theme, optimizing buttons for mobile users and, of course, updating it regularly. Still, the four issues mentioned above need to become the core of your website’s activity. All the rest comes later and is of minor significance when compared to these. Like in any other aspect of running a business, when allocating your attention and resources, you need to be clear about your priorities.

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