One Plus 3 vs. HTC 10 Performance Comparison.

Determining the best phone has become quite hectic in this current generation. This is because amazing and more powerful phones are being released on a daily basis. The Giant tech companies have gone a notch higher in ensuring that their designs are epic and amazing so as to capture more buyers in the market. OnePlus 3 vs. HTC 10 comparison will give you a clear overview of the best phone to acquire. Though regarding technology, then the two phones lie on the same performance summary board. One Plus 3 and HTC 10 smartphones were both unveiled in this year, and thus they are the latest trending phones in the Market. Here is the One Plus 3 vs. HTC 10 Performance Comparison.

One Plus 3 vs. HTC 10 Performance Comparison.

One Plus 3 Smartphone is equipped with the latest processor that is designed with the latest technology. This is the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor that enable it to perform 35% faster than the previous phones in the One Plus series. The One Plus 3 smartphone is also designed with the UFS 2.0 Technology that enables it to move data at a faster rate as compared to the Emmc5.1 technology. It’s also equipped with a 3000 mAh battery capacity that can be able to last for 24 hours when fully charged.
On the other hand, the HTC 10 smartphone was also released this year, and it has won many potential customers due to its unparalleled performance. This performance is attributed to the latest technology that the phone is designed and equipped with. HTC 10 has got a fast, responsive touchscreen that can sense a slight movement of the screen. It’s also fitted with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that facilitate the faster launching and running of apps and games. The 4G LTE in the phone enables you to browse on faster network speeds. Its display of 2K LCD is amazing to watch movies and play music clips on the phone.

That is a perfect One Plus 3 vs. HTC 10 Perfomance comparison. Its now upon you determine the best phone to buy. The two smartphone lie among the top 10 smartphones to buy in 2016.

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