Why PlayStation VR Headset (PSVR) is considered as the best VR Headsets.

The just concluded E3 Event came with a lot of surprises and dazzling performances from both sides of the top VR investors in the world. During the Event, PlayStation VR Headset managed to scope the VR headsets of the year. This glory never came easily as the top key players in the VR technology also provided their epic performance with their headsets. This includes the HTC VR Headsets and the Oculus VR headsets. At the moment the PSVR Headsets are rated among the top VR headsets in the world.

Why PlayStation VR Headset (PSVR) is considered as the best VR Headsets.


The PlayStation VR Headset is powered by PS4. This is one of the most powerful gaming devices from the world at the moment. Having a million users in the world made the PlayStation VR headset to sell worldwide. Having a high customer loyalty from a significant number of potential customers made this VR headsets to scope the winning award.
The PlayStation VR Headsets is very cheap as compared to the Oculus and HTC Vive headsets. Having a minimum of £ 349 is enough to allow you to own this amazing device. The PlayStation VR Headset Kit include the VR Headsets, Processor Unit, Stereo Earbuds, HDMI Cable PlayStation VR Games, a PS VR Headset connection adaptor, and USB Cable.
The PlayStation VR Headsets has got fantastic epic games to play. This includes Resident Evil game: biohazard, Final Fantasy game, StarTrek Wars Battle Front, Batman Arkham VR. The Batman Arkham VR was voted as the most Engaging VR game to play.
The PlayStation VR Headsets is also one of the comfortable VR headsets that you can use. It also allows for multiplayer option thus becoming one of the most engaging games to play on the VR platform. This is attributed to the robust nature of the headsets due to a higher frame rate of between 90 HZ and 120 Hz

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