Latest Tesla Model 3 Images Leaked.

There has been a high anticipation that Tesla Motors is working on another Tesla Series Electric Car, but this has been vehemently confirmed when some images of the latest Model 3 have been leaked. It has also been revealed that the Tesla Model was seen undergoing some test drives some months ago, and this confirmed a fact the company was working on this latest model. At the moment there have been some images of the latest and new Tesla Model that does not exist. This has confirmed that the pictures of the Tesla Model is 3. We have not yet received any official confirmation on this, but this is the highly anticipated Model 3.

Latest Tesla Model 3 Images Leaked.

The  Tesla Model  3 Images that were unveiled depict a black model of the Tesla Model 3 that has got a rear interior that has not been seen anywhere. The interiors is so unique and cool, and this is a clear indication that this is one of the Prototypes that is yet to be launched to the market. From the 3 Tesla Model 3 images, it was clear that it has got an enlarged rear trunk, a feature that Musk had promised it will be in this model.

Latest Tesla Model 3 Images Leaked.

The Tesla Model 3 Electric car is yet to be launched, but it is highly expected to be launched by mid to late 2017. This is one of the highly anticipated Electric cars that is yet to be launched by the Tesla Motors.

Latest Tesla Model 3 Images Leaked.

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