Nissan Equips the Next Nissan Leaf Generation with a 65 kWh.

The tremendous levels of the technology have placed the Nissan Company on toes on electric car technology. Nissan Automaker is among the first companies to invest in the Electric car technology. Their first electric car was the Nissan Leaf Electric car. There have been tremendous speculations that the company might be working on the latest model of another electric car. These speculations were confirmed when the Nissan global CEO confirmed that the Nissan Leaf second generation will be equipped with a 60 kWh battery pack.

Nissan Equips the Next Nissan Leaf Generation with a 65 kWh

The exact date of launching this vehicle was not yet revealed since the Nissan CEO left a comment that he actually does not know when this will be ready. The 60 kWh battery pack is set to sustain the electric car to cover a mileage range of about 200 miles. This is one of the tremendous developments from the Nissan Company that is set to increase the performance of the company in the technological market.  The current leaf EV can only cover a mileage of 107 miles with the 30 kWh battery pack equipped with it.

Nissan is set to counter the competition that the Chevrolet bolt might cover with the new Nissan leaf EV that will be launched. This is a clear indication that the Latest Nissan Leaf is set to be launched with the latest Chevrolet Bolt that will be also launched in the early 2017.this is one of the top techniques to stay on the game with the rapid levels of competition.

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