360fly VR Camera Upgraded To 4K Resolutions.

The 360fly VR Camera is one of the anticipated VR cameras in the world, and this has been officials launched and released to the various online stores for pre-orders. The engineering technology incorporated in the designing of this camera markets the camera and makes it among the best cameras to be used for the Virtual Reality technology field. Here are some of the specifications and features that render this fantastic camera among the top VR cameras to own this year.

360fly VR Camera Upgraded To 4K Resolutions.


The 360fly VR camera is equipped with a single lens as compared to the other cameras that have got numerous lenses on its stitches. The camera is designed with no stitches since it has got only one lenses. It’s able to stream live 360- degrees content using just a single lens. This is what makes it unique. The lenses are upgraded up to 4K resolution thus allowing you capture 360-degree videos.  Using the POV mode in the camera you can capture 180 degrees images that are of high quality and ravishing, thanks to the 2560 X 1440 Pixel resolutions that the camera has. The camera has got a GPS sensor features so as to tag the location where you are taking the video or pictures. The 360fly VR camera is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor thus making it a very powerful device to use when it comes to taking pictures. Its memory capacity is also superb i.e. the 64 GB memory capacity.
The price tag of $ 499 that the camera goes for compared to the unique specs and features that the phone is equipped with it goes hand in hand. The 360fly VR camera is the camera to own in this year. The camera has already been launched in the various markets in different continents .

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