Top Best Phones Equipped With a 6 GB RAM.

The abnormal escalating levels of technology in the world has placed most of the phone manufacturing industries on their toes. In order to remain strong in the telecommunication, they must incorporate a lot of creativity and innovation in their latest designs. At the moment, most of the latest smartphones being released in the market are equipped with a 6 GB RAM. This is a tremendous improvement from the previous 4 GB RAM that most of the phones were equipped with. Here are the top best phones that are designed with the 6 GB RAM.

Top Best Phones Equipped With a 6 GB RAM.

•    One Plus 3.
This is one of the latest smartphones that was launched this year that is rendering an amazing performance on the online platform because of its features. This phone is equipped with a 6 GB RAM. This enables it to have an epic and amazing performance. Other features in the phone include the 13 MP camera and the 5.0-inch screen display
•    LeEco Le Max 2.
The LeEco Le Max is also one of the latest smartphones that is equipped with this massive Random Access Memory. This makes that phone be able to launch and run amazing and most powerful smartphone. The second release from the LeEco company is thought to be equipped with an 8 GB RAM.
•    Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe.
Having the Qualcomm snapdragon processor coupled with the 6 GB RAM makes this phone render an epic experience when used.
•    Vivo xPlay5 Elite.
This is one of the top phones that is rated among the top luxurious phones in the universe. This is the only phone having a curved display that is equipped with the 6GB RAM.  It’s also powered by a QUALCOMM Snapdragon 820 processor.

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