Google Unveils The Fourth Preview for the Android N OS.

After launching the Android Marshmallow OS i.e. Android 6.0, the Google Company has been focused on working on the Android N, which is the Android Marshmallow successor. At the moment, the Android N OS has not yet been named but amid speculations suggest that this latest Android OS dubbed as Android N might be named Android Nutella. This is one of the names that is spreading on the social media platform especially on Twitter. “Nutella” is an Italian word which means “hazelnut” spread. At the moment, the Fourth Preview for the Android N OS has already been released.

Google Unveils The Fourth Preview for the Android N OS.

The main reason why the fourth Android N preview was released is to allow the developers to create apps for this OS without getting worried that some changes might be released. This is a clear sign that the Android N OS is almost getting launched to the market. According to the latest speculations about the OS, it seems like that the support for Pressure-sensitive screens will not be available in this OS version. The Android N OS has focused more on creating a perfect environment for the app developers to develop more apps for the OS. This is seen on the latest API that the OS is being designed within this fourth Preview of the OS. This fourth preview is the one considered to be of a beta quality while the other shows are deemed to be of alpha quality. At this fourth stage, it’s sure that the Android N OS is stable and almost close to being launched.

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