75D Option Available in Tesla Model S

Tesla series is one of the top electric vehicles due to their classic features that render them so luxurious to own. The Tesla Model S has also had an amazing performance in the automotive industry. It has been officially confirmed that the Tesla Model S will be equipped with the 75D i.e. a 75 kWh all-wheel drive. This will render the Tesla model S electric car one of the adorable vehicles to acquire. The EV is one of the amazing vehicles that also delivered an amazing performance in the industry.

75D Option Available in Tesla Model S.


The 75D feature that was installed in this vehicle allows the vehicle to deliver a power of 75 kWh in the all the 4 wheels. This enables the vehicle to cover a distance of 215 miles on a single charge. At the moment, the Tesla Model S is equipped with a 70D that only translates to 240 miles. The 5 kWh power will cost an additional price of $3000 only on the current price of the EV. This is one of the best Tesla Model that is already available. The amazing 70D feature will be available by next week on the Tesla Model S.
The mastermind behind the Tesla Technology is Elon Musk and that is one of the top reason that he is being adored in the automotive industry. The design that the vehicle comes with is purely incorporated with a lot of technology and this is seen in the Tesla series that is always unveiled to the market very now and then

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