The Everest VR Ready On Virtual Reality Controllers.

Virtual Reality has really changed the way people are reasoning and this has led to even some achieving their dreams. Here comes with another app that really enables you to achieve your dream of climbing Mount Everest. The Everest VR was created and developed by the Iceland –based developers in the Solfar Studious. The Everest VR will be available on all the Virtual Reality hardware i.e. the play station VR, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Thus, if you have ever dreamt to climb Mount Everest then Virtual Reality gives you that amazing opportunity to do so.

Everest VR

The app Everest VR has got amazing features that will allow you to climb the mount Everest within hours. This is really amazing since it takes almost 8 weeks to climb Mount Everest in actual reality. This app has got amazing features this are; making 360-degree videos of the Everest, the photogrammetric hat renders the whole climbing process realistic. The app is also equipped with realistic texture maps. This therefore makes it one of the top virtual reality apps to use in the year 2016.
According to Gunnarson, Co-founder of the Solfar Studious where the Everest VR was designed and tested, this is one of the latest and top invention on virtual reality. This is because it renders a realistic feeling as you cruise through the Rocky Mountains adjusting the ropes and even the levels of Oxygen. The technological techniques used in the designing of this app are really amazing. The high-resolution photos of the mountain were actually a key factor in making this app standout.

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