28th of Sep, 2015

NASA finds liquid salt water flowing on Mars

In what can turn to be one of the greatest discoveries of modern times, NASA has confirmed that there is liquid water on the surface of Mars! According to this paper published on Natural Geosciences, NASA made the breakthrough announcement of liquid flowing saltwater. Scientists had speculated for years about the possibility of finding water on Mars; and now we have the direct evidence to support this claim. The presence of water now indicates a strong possibility of life to exist.

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Rumors start to float around the Apple iPhone 7

It has only been 3 days since the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have started selling, but we are already witnessing some rumors about a purported iPhone 7. According to Weibo, a popular Chinese social network site, the iPhone 7 will most probably be resistant to water. Also reportedly, Apple may use a new material for designing the iPhone’s casing. The post also claims that Apple has developed a prototype version of the iPhone 7.

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Google’s Nexus 6P leaked documents reveal the full story

There’s a series of latest leaked images that show you everything you need to know about the new larger Nexus device. The Nexus 6P, as it is known, is the larger version of the 2 new Nexus devices that will be unveiled by Google on Sep 29, being manufactured by Huawei. The slides depict the hardware specifications of the 5.7-inch device, which has a resolution of 2560X1440 pixels. It also sports a 2,915mAh battery which is similar to last-gen iPhone 6 Plus.

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Google and NASA join hands in Quantum Computing research

D-Wave the company that is into manufacturing quantum computers has now entered into a partnership with NASA and Google. D-Wave will reportedly install quantum computing systems at NASA’s Ames Research Center, thereby enabling it to provide better mission-control support and unmanned space missions. Google will also benefit by improving the search engine to adapt to speech recognition and other advanced benefits that can be obtained by using quantum computers.

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Google’s Cardboard VR headsets can now be used in schools

At the recently concluded I/O developer conference, Google announced an educational app called Expeditions which lets teachers create virtual school trips that are completely synchronized and enabled to work on their own Cardboard VR viewer. Now Google has just announced that this technology would be made available to schools in the US, the UK, Australia and Brazil in what is being called the Expeditions Pioneer Program.

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