Monthly Archives: May 2017

4 Ways to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly


According to one of the recent polls, Android has become slightly more popular than Windows as internet browsing OS. Because of this, when planning your website, you need to pay special attention to its mobile-friendliness. While some may argue that mobile users prefer an application to a mobile-friendly website, the latter method is useful for desktop users as well, not ...

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4 Ways to See Just How Good Your Website Is


Even though Google rank tends to be quite insightful, it definitely isn’t the only metric showing how good your website is. Well, if this is so, then how are you to evaluate the success of your website? In order to see how good it actually is, you need to set some measurable criteria (expressed in numbers or percent). They need ...

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Online shopping – last minute tricks


  We have all been here – it’s no mystery. Shopping for our loved ones last minute. Yes, yes, shame on us. But you know what? God bless the internet! The online shopping world and the magnificent e-commerce sites that are at our disposal these days are making this matter a matter of history. Today, all we need is a ...

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Is iPhone 7 Camera Good Enough for Blogging?


A good blog post is a combination of text, images and other multimedia elements. Having a photograph in your text makes it more visually appealing, but you can’t just put any image. Sure, you can use some of the online services where you can find photos of literally anything, but your readers will always appreciate more when the pictures are ...

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Digital Marketing Strategies that Bring Results in 2017


Hitting the mark in digital marketing involves aiming at a moving target. New algorithms rock the internet every now and then, fresh platforms are launched, and groundbreaking trends emerge out of the blue. Marketers often struggle to keep up the pace, but throwing in the towel is not an option, if you mean to stay relevant and competitive. It is ...

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