Monthly Archives: March 2017

Benefits of Going with Green Web Hosting


A modern business world is a dog-eat-dog place where everyone fights for sheer survival. However, this eternal struggle sometimes distracts people from what really matters. Providing a superb service is always paramount, but this is never all there is to it. At the end of a day, when nuances are all that stands between a client choosing you or choosing ...

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Tips for Investing in Foreign Currencies


There’s a misconception that trading in foreign currencies is a complicated business venture in which only large multinational companies could participate. But, with new technological developments, online brokerages, makes this option available to any investor. Many choose to do so in order to diversify their portfolios and alleviate the pressures that come with the changes in the domestic market. There’s ...

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2017 Trends to Follow for Brand Recognition on Social Media


Marketing is a fluid, ever-changing field. Everyone is constantly hustling to get to the top and stay there as long as possible. The most important part of the marketing mission for any business is to create brand awareness. It’s been clear for a while that, nowadays, a huge chunk of our lives is lead on the internet. Social media has ...

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